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Blog Tour: Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook (Review + Giveaway)

Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Format: eARC, 272 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
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Description from Goodreads:
Bonnie and Clyde meets IF I STAY in this addictively heart-wrenching story of two desperate teenagers on the run from their pasts.

They’re young. They’re in love. They’re on the run.

Zoe wants to save Will as much as Will wants to save Zoe. When Will turns eighteen, they decide to run away together. But they never expected their escape to be so fraught with danger....

When the whole world is after you, sometimes it seems like you can’t run fast enough.

Nobody But Us, told in alternating perspectives from Will and Zoe, is an unflinching novel, in turns heartbreaking and hopeful, about survival, choices, and love...and how having love doesn’t always mean that you get a happy ending. Described as “beautiful, heartbreaking, and exhilarating” by Kody Keplinger, author of The DUFF, Nobody But Us will prove irresistible to fans of Nina Lacour, Jenny Han, and Sara Zarr.

Nobody But Us.

That title alone was enough to make me completely spaz over this book. It's so sweet. And then the cover? So much sweetness.

They're young. They're in love. They're on the run.

That tag line got me, too. Young and in love would appeal to me in and of itself, but then on the run? Heck to the yes.

So I was excited going into this book. COMPLETELY. And you know what? I love this book to pieces. It was good and it made me feel so, so much and it was what I expected and more. There were the sweet moments I was expecting, but then there were also a bunch of moments that just...they just had me. Killed me, hurt me. Surprised me. This book was a beautiful debut from Kristin Halbrook.

Character Rundown:
Zoe: I. Do. Not. Like. Zoe. At all. Okay, so she was 15. Right? I get that. But still, her...unintelligence just ticked me off time and time again. Another thing: she cried. A LOT. Seriously, pretty much every one of her arguments with Will ended in Zoe balling her whiny little eyes out. And she makes horrible decisions. The only decision she ever made that I wholeheartedly agreed with was her choice to stay with Will. I'd stay with this boy.

Will: THIS BOY. MY boy. I heart him so hard. His character just got me. He really, really did. He cares so much, and he tries so hard to be good, and protect Zoe, and I just AH. My heart aches for him. It truly does. All in all, he's an amazing guy. If only he'd been thrown into better circumstances, everything could have been so different. So much better for him. Goodness, I wish so hard.

Plot. The description/tagline pretty much tell it all. Or, well, most of it. There are other little elements thrown in that were not expected. This is a story about more than just two kid on the run. It runs deeper than that. I felt that. And then there were little surprised weaved in here in there. But the overall story? Pretty much expected. Except for the ending.

Will & Zoe. I don't like having to put those two names together because I adore Will and do not like Zoe. But there is no doubt in my mind that they care for each other more than anything. Honestly, they are a completely adorable couple. And I feel for them, too. Though I didn't like Zoe, I wanted things to work out for them so bad.

The ending. And this was just soooo frustrating. Don't get me wrong, there was a tear or two, but then I was just so mad. Angry. AHH. Why, goodness, why? And that is all I'm going to say. Because I refuse to spoil and I know y'all are probably trying to guess what I'm so upset about. Why my heart hurts so flipping much. But I'm going to tell you right now--YOU'RE WRONG. Trust me.

Overall, I love this book to pieces. It was beautiful and emotional and a gorgeous debut from Kristin Halbrook. I am so looking forward to reading more from her in the future!

Kristin Halbrook is a Seattleite who loves good coffee, good food, good music, good sports, good causes, and good reads. She’s both intense and a goofball, introverted and gregarious. Nobody But Us is her debut novel.

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  1. I'd love to read her debut. I've been hearing about this book a lot from bloggers recently.

    1. A lot of people HAVE been talking about it. It's such a great debut!!


  2. I have to admit that the cover and that tagline is what sold me on this book! I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one. But I'm super intrigued about the plot and where Halbrook is going to take it. Especially after you said that the ending was unexpected!! I'm sooo banking on that ending to shock me to the core! And I'm so intrigued by Will's character. I really want to get to know him and from the way you describe him, I want to get to know him now. NOOOOOOW. And I can see why Zoe would annoy you and even though you ended up disliking her, I'm glad to see you still enjoyed the book. Hopefully that is the same case for me because I cannot not like a book if I don't like the MC(s). (Did that sentence even make any sense?) LOL. Anyway, AMAZING review JB! I'm definitely going to read this one soon!

    PS - I KNOW *head desk* I owe you an email. This weekend, I freaking promise or you have to threaten me. k? Heart yaaaa <3

    1. The thing about this book was the Bonnie and Clyde thing. I was banking on that. and that's ALL I'm going to say. That comment goes toward the ending stuff, too.

      Ahhh, me no likey Zoe. But Will made up for her. :)

      Thank you!!


  3. Hi Jessica, loved your review, makes me curious about the book!

  4. I'm dying to read this book thanks for the chance to win it : )

  5. ahhh...running from the past...great review!

  6. I have been pinning for this book since 2012, can't wait to read (: Great post

  7. Awww, thank y'all so much!! <3


  8. This isn't my usual genre I read. I want to start reading books in this genre because I hear so many good reviews and people talking about how good these books are. I would love the chance to read it. The book sounds really good and something that I could sink my teeth in!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  9. Great review! I was on the fence about whether or not to read this one but you've convinced me that I have to read it! I'm excited to meet this wonderful Will character =) but I don't think I'm going to like Zoe much either. I hate when girl characters are immature like that and crying all the time over stupid stuff.

  10. This book sounds wonderful ! I want to read it !
    I think that I'm going to love it as much as you!


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