Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Ten Character Names I Love

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I seriously love names. They're a big deal to me. Some of these on the list may not surprise you... ;)
Also, I didn't intend for all the names on this list to be male...but they are. Heh. I can't help it. Book boys have some darn good names.
Guy Chambers
Fire & Flood 
I swear, this name is perfect for this guy (hehe) and I lovelovelove it!
Oh, and Guy Chambers is mine. Just so we're clear, here and now. :)
By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead 
I don't even need a last name for him. He wormed his way into my heart regardless, and his name makes me smile.
Night World, No. 1 (Night World, #1-3) 
From Daughters of Darkness, I'm pretty sure my favorite character in this series. I pretty much name everything Ash because I love it so much. Oh, and there's another Ash in the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow. I adore him, as well. But this Ash was in my heart first. Aaaaand, it should be mentioned that Lili St. Crow had some of the freaking best nicknames for her characters--Shanks, Dibs...gosh, I love those boys. Time for a re-read methinks...
Divergent (Divergent, #1) 
I KNOW what his real name is, but I prefer to call him Four. It's such a cool name. So cool, my badminton partner and I have named our team Team Four. BOOM.
Evernight (Evernight, #1) 
He does have a last name, and I do know what it is (More), but I think it's awesome how he pulls of a name that most people would get picked on for, or NOT go by. They'd make up a cool nickname for themselves instead. But not good old Balty. (I realize that I just shortened his name...)
I have ALL THE FEELS for this boy, and I've always liked his name. Now it sets my heart all aflutter.
Ruined (How to Ruin, #1-3) 
Another name that is incredibly PERFECT for the guy, and I LOVE it! And him. Oh, goodness I love him.
Rule (Marked Men, #1) 
A badass name for a badass guy. 'Nuff said ;)
Dean Holder
Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) 
Just because I call him Giggle-Swoon doesn't mean I don't like his actual name. I just can't decide whether to call him Dean now or Holder, but it doesn't matter because my default is Holder, but that doesn't matter either because I go with Giggle-Swoon. So...heh...YAY FOR DEAN HOLDER
This Lullaby 
Ohhh, Dex...my boy. *no words*
*Honorable Mention*
Remington Tate
Real (Real, #1) 
Goodness gracious, this guy. He has a great name. And he's a great character. Can I have Mine now, please? And Remy? I heart Remy.
I was going to put Augustus Waters on this list, too, but I feared I wouldn't be able to do that without crying all over my keyboard...
What do you think of my list? Like any of these names? Did you make your own list? Link me up!


  1. Oh! Rule! Now *that* one I hadn't seen yet today! Good choice! (Levi, I've seen a lot... definitely getting popular... and for good reason!) I have to say, Guy Chambers is a pretty darn good name. Love the list. Thanks for sharing! (Also, how did you narrow your list down? I had to cheat and like, work more names into mine because I couldn't decide! LOL)

  2. I don't take part in this meme, but I just had to say that I love love love RULE!!! :))

  3. I loved Dexter! I haven't had the chance to meet Rule or Dean yet, but I know I need to! AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR GUY! We can share...right?

    Gabbie @ Rampant Readers

  4. I love the name Rule lol.. But.... I haven't read most of these >.< A FEW.. but not most

  5. nice choices!; i love Avi, ruined series is one of my favorites i love Simone Elkeles <3



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