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Review: Bound by Lies by Hanna Peach

Bound by Lies (Bound, #1)Bound by Lies by Hanna Peach 
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Pagecount: 312 pages
Publisher: Gypsy Publishing
Series: Bound #1
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review
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Description from Goodreads:
Our love is on his terms. He contacts me only through notes − unpredictable and untraceable. When we meet, he can touch me, but I’m not allowed to touch him. When we make love, it’s only after I have been bound and blindfolded. It’s the only time I truly feel alive. Which is why I play along with it. For now.

Caden Thaine is the most sinfully beautiful man I have ever seen. But more than that, his touch sets me on fire. And dear God, do I ache for him. I don’t know where he lives or even what he does. But this doesn’t scare me. My only fear is that one day his messages will stop.

I know he’s hiding something. But that’s okay. I am hiding things too. Like my real name and... who I really am. But the deeper I fall for him, the stronger my curiosity becomes.

I could never have imagined just how much our lives are bound. And that pulling at his tangled web of secrets would cause my own dark past to come back to try and reclaim me. Will we survive? Will our love?

I was so intrigued by this synopsis. It's so mysterious, but it also hints at some kind of fierce love story, which is definitely right up my alley. I didn't know what to make of the main character, but I knew that the guy sounded very much like one I'd like. Technically, this book met my expectations both in the mysterious and in the love story department, but it also fell short in some ways.

I don't think we ever learn the main character's name. Do we? Because I don't remember reading it. Other than that, I can't think of anything really remarkable about her. Which is ironic, because the one thing I remember best about her is that she was nameless. Or at least to me she was. She wasn't terrible, but she wasn't awesome either. I started to like her better in the second half, except for how she stops trusting Caden. Because, I mean, of course I trust him. 

Caden was so...odd. In an attractive way. It was weird. He was so cautious, but also protective and caring. I liked that. I didn't like how he threw around his rules and how if she broke them, they were over. I get that he has his secrets and that he intends to keep them, for the most part, but come on, man. Give her at least the tiniest break. Still, though. I loved him. Because I'm like that. 

Their romance was pretty fast-moving. I don't think I could call it insta-love because of how the trust had to be earned and whatnot, but it was something akin to it. But I didn't find it too annoying. I just wanted them to get closer, and I wanted to spend more time with Caden and I wanted to figure out what was up with the dude. I like to know what's going on with the characters I heart, you know?

The first half-ish of the book was kind of irritating. I was so into the story, but I was also wanting for MORE to happen. I understand that that chunk of the novel was to introduce us to that characters and the situation, but it still felt like a whole bunch of nothing. We don't get to know a lot about our MC, and we only get very specific background information for her. And Caden...we don't get much about him, either. I'm assuming we'll find out more in the next book(s), but in this book I was all kinds of grabby hands for ALL OF THE INFO. 

The second half was way more fast-paced, however. I enjoyed it so much and it was truly the saving grace for this story. I could have done without the MC being all skeptical about Cadan (because I heart hiiiim), but I'm letting that slide for now because she was also somewhat badass at that point. And honestly, if not for all of the happenings in the last 40 or so percent of the novel, I'm not sure I would have been interested in the story enough to want the next book. That said, I am totally Jonesing for what comes next. 

Overall, while the first half of Bound by Lies wasn't the best, the second half totally won me over to this series, these characters, and this author, and turned the book into something I truly enjoyed. I am seriously looking forward to the next book, and I can't wait to find out what comes next!

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  1. Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    This isn't a genre I read often, but it does sound like a different type of story! I love that you weren't disappointed in the romance department and that you liked the guy.

    Perhaps the main character's name wasn't ever mentioned because it's all anonymous in a way, and it was a choice for the narrative.

    Lovely review :)


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