Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Things!

Hello, lovelies! This is going to be a super short post. It's pretty much just a quick update. Because I have...three? Three. Yeah. Three. New things to share with you!

1. I have a new Twitter handle! I don't know if you follow me on Twitter, but if you do (or if you want to) my new Twitter handle is @jessbooklover. I've had it set as @makesmeworse12 for a while now, and it was really just an inside joke. Since I use Twitter for more bookish bloggy things now, I thought it should be a little less random. So...yeah. Here's a new link to my Twitter page!

2. I now have a Facebook page! Yeah, I didn't have one before. Well. I did. For ME. But not for my blog. Nothing for Just a Booklover. But now I made one! Because I just figured it was about time. Here is a link to the Facebook page for Just a Booklover!

3. I'm going to do Monthly Re-Reads! I'll do a whole post on this next week sometime, but I'm telling you now--I'm going to re-read one book a month. And then post about it. And POSSIBLY give a copy of that book away. I'm still undecided on the giveaway thing. Maybe I'll give away some. We'll see. But there definitely WILL be a monthly re-read, but I'll start in February, because I just thought of it this month. I'll make up for it, though. I'll tell you HOW in that post I told you about where I'll explain the montly re-read thing and how it'll go. Okay? Okay.

So that's it:
Twitter handle, Facebook page, and monthly re-reads. I'm very excited about all three of these things. WOOT!

Oh, and two heads up of the FIRE & FLOOD variety. Because I can.

Victoria Scott's doing a preorder giveaway that she explained in THIS POST. Plus, there's this handy dandy graphic to explain eeeeveeerryyyythaaaaang.

Fire and Flood

It's pretty simple. Preorder FIRE & FLOOD (which you seriously should do, because this book is fan-freaking-tastic). Email the proof of that to Victoria Scott (victoria [at] victoriascottya [dot] com). And then you a button and a chance to win a $25 Book Depository gift card.


And if you live in Dallas...or near Dallas...or, you know, in Texas in general...the FIRE & FLOOD release party will be in Dallas on March 1st! Victoria did a post about it HERE and here's the invite:

Victoria Scott

Okay, now I'm actually done this time. Have a great Thursday, lovelies!


  1. Hooray for new Twitter handles and F&F fun! :)

  2. Love the new Twitter handle (though the old one was awesome too)! And I'm excited to see what you re-read! I'd join in if I were able to read faster. :)

  3. Ohhh monthly re-reads...this sounds like an interesting idea! I always mean to re-read books...but then I get caught up in new books...I'm curious to see what books you'll be choosing to re-read!

  4. Very exciting! I love the monthly re-reads idea.


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