Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat ♥ Kaiden from Sweet Evil!

As we announced on Saturday, each day this week, we're interviewing some book boys in honor of Valentine's Day! So today we have...
from Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins!
I'm sure y'all already know what Kaidan looks like, but just in case...
And because I couldn't choose between the two pictures...
**Courtesy of model Wade Poezyn!**
So yeah. SWOON TIME OVER. Now for the interview!
Kaidan Rowe! Hello, sir, and welcome to my blog! I am so honored you'd take the time to drop by! Thank you so much.
~Thanks for having me, luv. Glad to be here.
So we're here to talk about Valentine's Day. What is YOUR opinion on V-Day? Do you think it's a silly holiday or one that deserves to be celebrated?
~Personally I think it's a bloody brilliant sham.
I got Sweet Evil for Christmas and have not read it yet but I hear that you, sir are, ahem, "cocky" and "arrogant." I'm taking this to mean that you always have someone to celebrate V-Day with, if you want to celebrate it. So do you plan for whatever it is you do on this day, or do you just wing it?
~You shouldn't believe everything you hear, luv. I can be quite charming, as well. When I want. Okay...almost never, unless I'm trying to get in your knickers. As you can see I'm not a V-day kind of bloke.
My birthday is on February 12. Two days before Valentine's Day. Because of this, a lot of people like to mush the two days together. Valentine's Day-themed gifts and stuff. I think this is silly because my birthday and V-Day are in no way related other than their proximity to one another. I always love to hear other people's takes on this, so what's yours?
~Do you mean you get heart-shaped chocolates for your birthday? That's bollocks, luv. Unless you really love chocolate. Honestly, people can be so tacky in their attempts at thrift. Poor idiots. If you need some cheering on February 12th, I'm your man. ;)
How much value do you put into Valentine's Day? Is it special to you or does it depend on....I don't know, THINGS, or what?
~I've never had a girlfriend, so I've never been expected to do the whole ridiculous song and dance of candies, balloons, flowers, posh dinner, etc. Every day with Kaidan Rowe is a special day to be remembered and savored and...(you see, I'm playing up the "cocky" thing here, yeah?)
For my last question, because I really like to know these things, I just want to know some of your favorites!
Holiday? Halloween
Movie? Pulp Fiction
Band? Hm, too many to name
Quote? "I'm bringing sexy back." ~JT (hahahaha)
Sorry to break in, guys, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I swear, that is probably the best answer to my "favorite quote" question EVER. Hahahahahaha! I seriously can't stop laughing. HA!
Song? currently "Sail" by Awolnation
Person? Anna Whitt (what? don't look at me like that.)
Book? Fight Club
Food? everything
All right, and I guess that's it for our little mini-interview. Thank you so much for dropping by and putting up with...well, ME! I hope you can drop by again sometime!
HA! That interview is sadly over. Head on over to Jana's blog to check out her interview with Kaidan! Just click HERE!
Be sure to stop by our blogs again tomorrow to check out our last book boy interview with...
from The Collector by Victoria Scott!
I love Dante and V so much, you guys...I CAN'T EVEN. *squee!*
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Don't forget to stop by for some Dante tomorrow! Goodness knows *I* wouldn't miss it for the world... <3

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