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Valentine Book Boy Chat ♥ Daniel from Blood Debt & Centaur Legacy!

As we announced on Saturday, each day this week, we're interviewing some book boys in honor of Valentine's Day! So today we have...
from Blood Debt and Centaur Legacy by Nancy Straight!
DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness, long time, no visit! Welcome back to my silly little blog, my dear boy!
C’mere and give me some love, Jessica! *Lifts Jessica off her feet in a tight hug*  It’s great to be back.
Ahhh, you have no idea how great it is to HAVE you back. You have seriously been missed.
Careful, Jessica, you might turn me into a stalker.
So we’re here to talk about Valentine’s Day. Some people are huge fans of this holiday and other people think it’s the dumbest thing to ever exist. What’s YOUR opinion? Why?
Valentine’s Day is a great holiday when you’ve got someone to share it with.  It can be pretty lonely, too. *looks longingly to Jessica*  I bet you’ve got plans already, right?
I don’t know, Daniel. Do we have plans?
*cocks head to the side* You’re playing, right?
Ha, random, but have you seen the movie Valentine’s Day? What do you think of it? Unless you haven’t seen it. Then we’ll have to do that together sometime! Or even if you have…
I’ve never seen it, but I could be persuaded.  *Looks at watch*  Right now, if you want?  I mean, after we finish the interview, if you’re free.
HAAAA. After the interview, we’ll totally work something out. ;)
*cheesy grin* Well, what do you wanna know?  Let’s get this over. . . I mean. . . ask away.
Soooooooo. V-Day is one of those holidays you spend with a special little someone. Do you have someone you plan on spending it with? Do you have PLANS, like, in general? If so, what exactly might these plans be? The people of my blog would truly like to know.
*Sigh* No.  No one special again this year.  It’s only a couple days away.  I imagine you’ve had people vying to take you out for months, right?  *Questioning Look* No?  Well, let me see if I can convince you to spend it with me.  We could start out with a candle-lit dinner, not in some pretentious place, but somewhere intimate – just you and me.  After dinner we’ll slip off our shoes and look for shells on the beach.  If things work out, I’m pretty handy at building a fire with driftwood.  *Eyes boring into Jessica’s*  So, are you in?
Let’s go book-related a little for a second. I promise it’s V-day related, too! Okay?
Crap, that last answer was too over-the-top, wasn’t it?  Okay, we could do pizza and watch ESPN at my place.
Ohhh, no. You were good with the first plan. Trust me.
But we don’t have to rule out pizza. Heh. Ohh! Or we could do chicken wings. Mild. Just, you know…just a suggestion.
Mild?  I would have pegged you for spicy.  Like, a gallon of water, spicy. 
You REALLY liked/loved Camille last time we talked. What’s it like to know that she’s going to be spending Valentine’s Day with her new boy toy? (Hehe, Drake’s awesome, by the way.)
Man, here we go again.  Cami’s a girl I’ll always love.  Don’t get me wrong, if I offered to have an intimate dinner with her on the beach, she’d turn me down cold and then probably punch me in the nose for good measure.  That doesn’t have anything to do with her current relationship; she would have turned me down cold before she met Drake.  What’s it like to know she’s going to be with Drake?  He’s a loser.  I’d rather she spend Valentine’s Day with anyone but him.
Awww, I’m sad you think Drake’s a loser. He can actually be a sweetheart, you know.
A sweetheart?  Cami and I have been friends since the third grade.  We didn’t have our first argument until he came in the picture.  She’s too good for him.  Give her some time, she’ll see she can do better. 
Before, did you ever spend Valentine’s Day with Camille? If yes, you guys weren’t a couple then. What did y’all do?
Well, sure.  We were each other’s “plus one.”  Every time we went somewhere where we were supposed to have a date, we went together.  We spent lots of Valentine’s Days together.  It was usually dinner and a movie. Nothing special.  *Furrows brow*  Scratch that, it was always special, just never lovey-dovey. 
*cough*you are so cute*cough*
Fun fact: My birthday? Yeah, it’s on February 12th. (I may or may not hope you already knew this…) Obviously, that is miiiighty close to V-Day. Did you know that I know a bunch of people who like to mush my birthday with V-Day? I do not like this. They aren’t on the same day or really connected at all. Now, if my birthday were ON Valentine’s Day, then I’d deal, but it’s not. So. What do YOU think about this? Or do you have no opinion and just think I’m being whiny? Because I’m REEEALLY starting to feel whiny about this.
*Smirks* I did know today was your birthday.  I think anyone who would miss the opportunity to celebrate the day you were born is a boob.  *pulls out package from back pocket*  Don’t open this in front of everybody.  It’s personal.  *places package in Jessica’s hand and winks* 
YOU GOT ME A GIFT?!?!?! *stunned*
Okay, Daniel. That is it for our interview, sadly. You know you’re allowed to stop by whenever you want, right? You are always—always, always, always—welcome on my blog. J
Always, always, always?  So I could park it right here and see you every day?  Don’t tease me, Jessica.  My heart can’t take it.
I am 100% serious. It’s always fun when you’re here!
Before you go, is there anything you’d like to tell us? About V-Day or…oh, I don’t know…the next book or three of the TOUCHED series…?
Hmmm, well, Nancy’s keeping it pretty quiet, but I hear I’m going to meet someone pretty special in the next book.  I can’t stand to see Cami with Drake, so whoever this girl is, hopefully she’s as repulsed as I am with Drake.
Huh. I wonder who this special girl will be. I know *I* can’t wait to read about her.
Oh, and, aha, this is me being completely curious. Does everyone call you Daniel? Like, does anyone call you Danny or just Dan or something? Any nicknames? I feel bad for tacking this on at the end of the interview, but the question literally JUST popped into my head.
Everyone calls me Daniel, *Takes Jessica’s hand* but, you can call me any name you want. 
Thank you SO. MUCH for stopping by! I really have missed you! Can’t wait for you to stop by again. <3
*Slides hand to the small of Jessica’s back and kisses her cheek* So, you’ll think about the beach idea for Thursday? I’d hate to eat by candle-light by myself. What would people think?  *looks at watch again*  I’ve got some time if you want to see that movie, it’d give me a chance to convince you to go out with me Thursday.
As if convincing is even necessary. *smirks*
And that is it for THIS interview! Goodness knows I'll be having Daniel back around again as soon as I can. But until then, it's time for y'all to head on over to Jana's blog, The Book Goddess, to see her half of the interview! Just click HERE (or any of the other links I've placed in this little paragraph...) and it'll take you on over so you can see what Daniel said to HER. I wonder if he said anything about me...

Oh, and to everyone who's said happy birthday to me ALREADY on Twitter/Facebook/wherever, THANK YOU! You are awesome.
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One more little thing, I helped reveal the cover for Click to Subscribe by L.M. Augustine. I think you should check it out because a) The book looks awesome, and b) You NEED to add it on Goodreads and "like" on Facebook because yeah. So yeah. :)
And that is all. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see y'alla again tomorrow, with Trevor!

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