Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat ♥ Trevor from Touching the Surface!

As we announced on Saturday, each day this week, we're interviewing some book boys in honor of Valentine's Day! So today we have...
from Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini!
Before we get to the interview, let's just first see a picture of what Kim (author!) thinks of as Trevor...
Yeah, it's huge, but that's because...well, he's kind of GORGEOUS! I also love who she picked for Oliver, but that's a picture for another time...
Now, for the interview!
Trevor. Ohmygosh ohmygosh OH. MY. GOSH. I am fangirling so hard right now, you don’t even know. I cannot believe you are on my blog right now! Welcome, welcome! Hey girl—thank you so much for the fangirling. It’s bloggers like you who get my story out there and I can’t thank you enough.
Thank you so much for stopping by to chat with me! About Valentine’s Day. Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. ;)
So, what is YOUR opinon on V-Day? What does it mean to you? Does it matter? Or is it just whatever? Why? The Big V-day hasn’t always been on my radar but this year I’ve got someone who I want to make smile a little bigger on that day. Yeah, my T-shirt says stupid cupid right now but I don’t mean it I’m just trying to throw her off. I want her surprised LOL!
Oh, OH. What does your t-shirt say right now? Ha! I read your mind and answered your question before I even read it. I must be evolving after all.
If this changes at any point during this interview, I’d very much like to be notified. I LOVE your ever-changing item of clothing. I wish I had a t-shirt that cool. I’ll keep you posted. I told my author that if we sell enough books we HAVE to make T-shirts with real Trevor sayings on them.
Hmmm. Now that I’m thinking of your t-shirt…do you have a special message you put on it for Valentine’s Day? Or is it just the usual changes-with-the mood? I’m staying below the radar before I spring my surprise on my girl, don’t want to tip my hand, but maybe I’ll have to take the T-shirt off later—ya know—so I don’t get all sappy and pour my heart out on my sleeve or in this case, my chest. * wink * She might not mind, right?
Do you have someone special to spend V-Day with? (If not…ahem, HI. Have I mentioned that I heart you?) I’m completely flattered, but have you seen my girl? She has a temper LOL! I don’t want to put you in any danger.
If you say yes, then are you the kind of guy who makes big plans? Or do you just go with the flow? I’m a secret planner. A lot of work goes into looking this casual and laid back.
I keep asking this question, and I feel whinier and whinier every time, but I’m not going to just leave you out of this whine-fest. So, here goes. My birthday is on February 12th! Super duper close to V-Day. What is YOUR opinion on whether or not people should lump my day together with V-Day? I should point out that I am not the biggest fan of this practice. My T-shirt now says dump the lump! Every body  needs to have their own special birthday moment. Don’t let them do the Jedi mind trick on you!
Do you see how that question was whiny? Or maybe I just THINK it’s whiny. Or maybe it’s my clever way of making sure SOMEONE knows when my birthday is… I just put it in my iPhone. Even put in a little alert. Oh, wait—you didn’t mean me. T-shirt says blushing… Who are you talking about???
Ha, the world may never know.
Quick question: Have you seen the movie Valentine’s Day? What do you think of it? Just curious. That’s V-Day related. TOTALLY RELATED. Ummmm no, I haven’t. But I’m still on T-shirt slogans for your birthday... Me-day NOT V-day! How’s that? I do have a list of movies I need to see now that you mention it. Argo, Silver Linings Play Book, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln. Did you know Abe was a Passenger at one point for a friend of mine?
Okay, I’m holding back from asking you more “quick questions.” I kind of don’t want this interview to be over. I’m so glad you’re here! LOL! We’ll just have to do this again sometime. But let’s turn this on its head and let me ask you a question. Which one of my T-shirt slogans is your favorite? Oh, and Oliver is pouting because he didn’t think of the T-shirt thing first. Please tell him that baseball hat slogans aren’t nearly as cool.
AHH! AHH!!!!!!
Thank you so, so much for answering my silly little questions. I’m somewhat scatter-brained, in case you hadn’t noticed, hehe. Please, remember that you can drop by the blog anytime! Just say the word and BOOM. You’re in. Pinky swear. LOVE YOU!!!!
Oh, and can you say hi to Oliver for me? That guy’s such a sweetheart. I wish I could have had him on, too! I’d ask you to give him a hug for me, but…I won’t subject you to that. I DID—he says you guys are totally cool!
Thanks again!! Snap, I’m going to miss yoooou. <3
That is it for THAT interview! Sadly. I am honestly considering Having him and /or Oliver around again sometime soon. Just so you know. Hehe. Anyway, now it's time for you to head on over to Jana's blog and check out HER post! Just click HERE! I know she's saying my interviews are more creative, but trust me. I've seen her interviews. They're kind of AWESOME. She's so calm and collected while I'm bouncing off all the cyber-walls. So...I forgot where I was going with this. Either way, go check out her interview! 
Also, be sure to stop by tomorrow to see us chat with...
from Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins!!!
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