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Review: As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott

As I Wake
As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott
Release Date: September 15, 2011
Format: Hardcover, 269 pages
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Source: Library

Description from Goodreads:
Ava is welcomed home from the hospital by a doting mother, lively friends, and a crush finally beginning to show interest. There's only one problem: Ava can't remember any of them - and can't shake the eerie feeling that she's not who they say she is.

Ava struggles to break through her amnesiac haze as she goes through the motions of high-school life, but the memories that surface take place in a very different world, where Ava and familiar-faced friends are under constant scrutiny and no one can be trusted. Ava doesn't know what to make of these visions, or of the boy who is at the center of them all, until he reappears in her life and offers answers . . . but only in exchange for her trust.

I checked this book out from the library because I really like Elizabeth Scott's books. I've read a few, and they were great. This said, I expected As I Wake to be good, too. I was soooo wrong. To be perfectly honest, this book gave me a headache.

This book begins in a huge state of confusion. Which makes sense, right, because that's the story. I thought if I kept reading things would make more sense and I'd understand better. NOPE. Everything was so scrambled and made very little sense. I barely had any clue what was happening for a good portion of this book.

It WAS nice to guess a little what would happen and why. For a bit it was all good and fine with me, but then I kept reading and nothing continued to make sense. We would be given a little information, but very little is ever really explained. I'm usually good with figuring things out, but when I'm not given enough info to figure it out, I'm not a happy camper.

Character Rundown: Ava. I know very little about Ava, therefore don't really have an opinion on her. As far as I can tell, she seems all right. Focused. Shy. Then there's Morgan. I liiiiiked him. We don't know all that much about him either, other than that he honestly and truly loves Ava. Which makes him awesome in my book. Yeah, that's the way I am. Ah, Morgan.

The ending. Have you ever seen Shutter Island? The ending of this book made me feel like I did when I finshed watching that movie. And before you ask--no, she's not just crazy amd imagining things. I'm comparing the FEELING I had, not the actual events I saw. This said, the ending gave me even more of a headache.

Overall, I didn't really like this book. I didn't feel very connected to he book except for when Morgan was around, and that situation frustrated me even more. If you really like books that are completely puzzling, I guess you could try this book. You may like it. I did not, though.

Thank y'all for reading my review!

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I haven't read this book but I was tempted few weeks ago because the cover and the synopsis were promising. But if I put my hands on a copy at the library I will give it a try.
    thanks for sharing,


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