Sunday, August 12, 2012

OBSIDIAN + ONYX trailers!

I've been away for a while, and I promise you a post with an apology, explanation, and quite possibly a giveaway very, very soon. But for today, I must post these trailers.



Truly, they are. And the trailers? So great. Seriously, like, clapping-my-hands-together-jumping-up-and-down-and-squealing-a-little-bit great. Which I suppose makes "great" a bit of an understatement. But you get my point. Or, if you don't, you can watch the trilers for yourself!

First, the Obsidian trailer:
*fans self* Yeah. How can one not love Pepe and Sztella? They are the PERFECT portrayals of Katy and Daemon. EEEK! Such a great trailer.

Now, for the Onyx trailer:

Mmhmm. I cannot wait to read this book. TWO. MORE. DAYS. I may spontaneously combust between now and then. So amazing.

All right. That's what I had to show y'all for today. What did YOU think of the trailers? Truly amazing things, I know. Be on the look out for my post where I apologize/give things away/etc. It'll be posted either tomorrow or Tuesday. But probably tomorrow because I'm most likely going to need Tuesday to gush. Still, not sure, though.

Have a great day, Friends!

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