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Blog Tour: Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre (Review & Giveaway!)

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Sometimes Never (Sometimes Never, #1)Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre
Release Date: December 19, 2012
Format: ebook, 488 pages
Series: Sometimes Never #1
Source: Author for blog tour
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Description from Goodreads:
Hope didn't have the best role model when it came to relationships. She’s content with her current no-strings-attached extracurricular activity with the lead singer of her band. She’s never believed in love and commitment.

Mason starts his eighth school in five years anticipating nothing more than the usual—boring classes, fighting more than making friends, and girls happily willing to succumb to his easy smile. He’s never put much stock into love at first sight—until he sees her.

Regardless of their painful pasts, Hope and Mason discover that sometimes never can become forever.

Sometimes Never is an incredibly great story, that borderlines cute, but can't really be classified as cute all the way through. Why not? Because this book is not 100% fluff. There are issues. Actual, legit issues that the characters work through and try to overcome throughout the story that add a little weight to what would otherwise be a speedy lighthearted book.

One thing in particular that *I* personally liked, though I know this may not be a huge deal to most other people, was the music references. Or in particular, the Dave Matthews references. To Crash Into Me. Needless to say, I am a DMB fan. So seeing some lyrics to Crash Into Me passed between the main characters in regular conversation made me very happy. I mentioned it on Goodreads and everything. :)

Character Rundown:
Hope: Hope and I have a love/hate relationship. I like her kickass/smartass attitude, and the fact that she can beat a guy up without blinking twice because he's a douche. (Not that violence is ever really the answer, but still.) But I did not like her hopeless outlook on life. I get that her life was hard and horrible, but that does not mean she has to be the way she is. I give her credit for trying to work through it, though, and for all her progress made throughout the story. I would say more, but that would spoil Sorry, y'all.

Mason: Happy happy boy. I love him. He was nice, but not perfect. Luckily, there was never a point in the book where I wanted to slap him. There WERE times, however, where I wanted him to OPEN HIS FLIPPING MOUTH. Goodness. This boy is not a pushover by nature, but when it comes to certain things, he needed to stand up for himself or speak his opinion or something. Seriously.

Plot. Contemporary romance with some heavy situations mixed in. And then another big situation thrown in that I did not see coming. I probably should have, though. There were signs.

Mason + Hope. They remind me of Juno and Paulie. (From a movie called Juno, if you do not recognize this reference. If you have not seen it, YOU SHOULD.) He's the cheese to her macaroni and all that fun stuff. And it's true, oddly enough. They are so alike, yet so different. He's smiley happy, she's gloomy. He likes the outside of an Oreo, she likes the creamy middle. They make the perfect couple. Maybe a little TOO perfect, but still.

The ending. SMILES.

Overall, Sometimes Never appeared to be a run of the mill contemporary romance, but once I started it, and then got into it, I was proven wrong in the very best way. This is definitely a book I'll re-read from time to time. It's cute in all the right places, but serious when it need to be and should be. Cheryl did a beautiful job on this story!

About the Author:
Cheryl McIntyre is a mother, author, and insomniac, as well as a reader, movie critic, and
incredibly bad singer. She’s lived in the same area of Ohio her whole life, though she secretly
has dreams of moving somewhere a little warmer—preferably near a beach.
Cheryl_Bio.jpgHer life revolves around four things: family, music, books, and really bad scary movies.
If she doesn’t have a kid on her hip, an iPod in her hand, or a laptop in front of her face, it’s one
of those rare moments when she’s actually sleeping.
You can follow her author page on Facebook where she lives part time. On Goodreads,
which is like crack for avid readers. Or on Twitter, though it’s rumored she has yet to master the
art of tweeting.

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