Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Sucker Literary, an anthology♥

Sucker Literary, an anthology
Expected Publication: April 1, 2013
Check out the website HERE!
I've never reviewed an anthology before. Nor have I even been ASKED to review an anthology before. So my first instinct when asked to review this was to say no, obviously. Why would I put myself through the stress of this when I have a million other things to do?
But then I thought about it. And considered it. And you know what?
The premise for this anthology was actually genius.
It's true. The anthology features some YA writers that aren't super well known but still very skilled. They all wrote short stories where the characters are aged in that very SUCKISH young adult range. And all of these characters are going through or working through, and even rising above, SUCKISH situations.
So, when it gets down to it, SUCKER LITERARY is the perfect title for this. And SUCKER LITERARY is a perfect anthology for anyone to read--teens or adults--and get a decent grasp on how much being a young adult can SUCK, but not so much that we won't live through it. No, instead, it shows how teenagers can work through SUCKISH situations and come out on the other side better people, with a lesson learned and maybe a friend or two gained or lost. Either way, life goes on, and we deal with it. We SUCK it up.
Also, the SUCKER theme throughout this whole anthology? Never failed to make me smile. I loved how it all tied together--in the art and the stories. Right off the bat after the introduction, the first story was about a boy who got played. SUCKER. And then the stories kept going with the SUCKY situations. One was even paranormal! I thoroughly enjoyed that one. I'm not positive which story is my favorite, but maybe that's because they are all my favorite in their own ways. They all brought something different to the table that stuck with the theme but was unique at the exact same time.
If you want my advice, I suggest you give this anthology a shot. Nine short stories that make for a quick, worthwhile read filled with giggles, knee-slaps, and even a miracle or two. ;)

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