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Review: A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest

A Blaze of Sun (A Shade of Vampire, #5)A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest
Release Date: October 28, 2013
Format: eARC
Series: A Shade of Vampire #5
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Description from Goodreads:
Welcome back to The Shade...

"Of course you know who I am. I'm a daughter of the darkness just as surely as you are his son..."

Ever since his brief encounter with Emilia at The Shade, Derek's thoughts and dreams have been haunted with images of the mysterious, beautiful brunette. Plagued with guilt, he struggles to understand why he is so drawn to this dark stranger from his past.

When Emilia suddenly appears again on the island, Derek is both terrified and intrigued. But this time, he is determined to involve Sofia and discover who this woman is.

If only Derek and Sofia knew, Emilia is a mystery that should be left undiscovered...

I was on such a SHADE kick when I dove into this one, and let me tell you--this book helped me live through that kick, no problem. Another wonderful installment in what I always say (and always WILL say, because it is so true) one of my favorite vampire series. 

Bella Forrest has written another story I literally could not put down. Seriously, it was at least 4 am on a school night/morning and I was still up reading this book. These characters are great, and I always need to know what's going to happen next with them.

The plot in this one wasn't so much out of left field as the others in the series. Or, actually, I guessed the one thing I didn't want to happen and it ended up happening. Which leads me to the one--literally ONE, one and only--thing I did not like about this book. A certain something happens with Derek that I didn't like and didn't think was necessary. I felt like it was just something added for SOMETHING to happen. Not because the story actually called for it.

I did love absolutely everything else about the story, however. We met some new characters that I did like learning about, and I do like where the series is going for the end in the next book. This time, I actually HOPE what I think is going to happen will happen :)

Oh! And I was so happy for the characters in this book. Well. Some of them. When you read it, you'll know what I mean. I loved it and I'm so happy.

And the ending left me with that happy feeling. As I said, I have high hopes for where this series is going and where it'll  end. 

Overall, this was a nice, solid addition to the SHADE series and, even though I didn't love absolutely everything that happened, I still enjoyed this book and crave the next. For real, WANT. Serious want. If you're a fan of this series, get to reading this one!


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  1. I have read the first two books in the series and they were really good
    I am really intrigued about this one, i must say
    Your reader


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