Friday, May 9, 2014

Dante Walker Readathon Kickoff!

Hey, everybody! Today kicks off the readathon Steph from Ohana Reads and I are hosting for the Dante Walker trilogy by Victoria Scott! I posted about this fun little event here, and now I'm going to rehash the details and add a few little updates. WOOT.

 -  The Readathonstarts today and ends on the 16th!

- Through the Readathon, we'll be reading all three books in the series. If you're curious about the reading order, then check this out:
The Collector (Dante Walker, #1)  The Liberator (Dante Walker, #2) The Warrior (Dante Walker, #3)
(All the covers are linked to their Goodreads pages)
- When reading the books, tweet your progress with the hashtag #ReadDanteWalker. Or tweet a favorite (non-spoilery) quote. Or tell us how you adore the eff out of Dante. Just be sure to use the hashtag so we all can see it!

- We will be running a group on Goodreads and a group on Facebook, so there's MORE ways we all can chat about the awesome that is Dante Walker. I'll generally be running the Facebook group, while Steph will hold the reigns of the Goodreads group, but we can both totally join in and help out on either site if we want. It's going to be all kinds of fun!

- There will be giveaways! We have a few super cool swag packs to give away to some lucky winners participating in the Readathon (they will be randomly chosen from Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter).

- We will have a Twitter chat at the end of the Readathon, on May 16th at 8 PM CST. Victoria Scott will be joining us to answer some questions and give away some swag!

- If you want to only participate in part of the readathon (i.e. you only have time to read The Warrior so you only stick to one book instead of all three, or if you have to join late), that is totally okay! Everyone is welcome. This whole thing is to bring Dante readers together to interact and have some Dante fun. ;)

And that's it! Read some Dante, have some fun, and if you have any questions--any at all--feel free to contact me or Steph and we'll help you out. Pow! 

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