Saturday, September 29, 2012

Austin Teen Book Festival 2012♥

MEET-UP on Sept 28th!
I spent today at the Austin Teen Book Festival! It was my first BIG bookish thing. There were so many authors there. Seriously, If you were to ask me to tell you all of them from off the top of my head, it would just not happen. My brain would probably explode.
But the point here is that I had an AMAZING time. Yes, amazing.
It's funny, because whenever I go to any book signing, I'm so nervous and stuff. But I've been learning something about authors--they're actually really, really cool. They're nice and friendly and funny. Just like anyone else in this world. Wonder of wonders, right? ;)
Soooooo, technically, I met every. Single. Author there. Yeah, every one. How? Well, my brother and I got our fun little schedule sheet signed by every. Single. Author there. Seriously, we did. I don't have a picture of it. Sorry, brain fart. I'll take one sometime, though, and post it so y'all can see. It's very...crowded. But it was so much fun! I got a bunch of little goodies, too. I'll probably be giving away a thing or two sometime, so keep an eye out for that sometime in the future.
Now, for the pictures! Yes, there are some pictures! My first time taking pictures at a signing. Today was just so full of firsts for me. Not pictures with EVERY author, though. There was not enough time for THAT. [insert sad face]
Me and Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Eliot Schrefer, me, and Marissa Meyer
Me and Tara Hudson
DUDE, I MET TARA HUSDON. This is a big deal to me.
Me and Libba Bray
Thanks to this wonderful lady, Total Eclipse of the Heart is still stuck in my head. I am currently listening to Mr. Jones by Counting Crows to get it out. Yeah, sadly, it's not working yet. Oh, and..."Testing is bullshit." And, "Farts are always funny." So, so true. Hehe.
Scott Speer and me
I'm the best friend ever. And he is so tall. So incredibly tall. Well, there's that and then the fact that I'm, you know, short. He had to stoop...a lot...for this picture. It was practically a crouch. He was super nice, though.
Jessica Shirvington and me
We share names! And I say this again--her accent was so cute! Such a friendly author. I can't wait to read Entice that much more now.
Sarah Rees Brennan, me, and Martha Brockenbrough
I'm sorry to skip right over Martha, because she was nice and her book looks super cool and all, but...SARAH REES BRENNAN. The author of The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy. The first review I ever wrote. The reason I started my blog. Yeah, I met her. And she's super amazing! I could go on all day about this. I'm so, unbelievably sad that Unspoken was sold out so I couldn't get it signed. On the bright side, I got a cool neclace because of it. And I promised her I'd buy Unspoken somewhere else. Which means I HAVE to meet her again sometime to get it signed. See, the bright side makes everything better... I seriously have more to day about her, but I don't want this to be TOO too long. So I'll leave it there...
Me and Anna Banks
ANNA IS AWESOME. I love this lady, seriously. This is us kind of having a stare down... You cannot see my stare really, but Anna said that I have the World's Best Stank Eye. Signed it in my copy of Of Poseidon and everything. And gave me a trophy. Well, sort of. I'll take a picture of this sometime, too. Anna was so much fun! After this, whenever we saw each other we had a stare down. Which never failed to make me laugh real hard. Good times, good times.
All right, those are the pictures I took! It was an awesome day, and...I don't know. I'm not sure I have anything to follow this "and"... I am tired. I had to wake up early for this, so...yeah. If you have any comments, then you know...comment below. I am very uncreative right now. My bad. Either way, I had a great day, got to meet some amazing authors, and found some new great books I want to read.
Oh, and I want to thank my brother Billy for taking me to this! Otherwise, I would have had to stalk Twitter and be jealous of everyone there. And I never would have found out about my stank eye skill. So, thank you, Billy! Best big brother EVER.
Okay, that is all. Adios.


  1. WOW looks like you had a great time. Love the pics.

  2. How did I not know about this! I live in Australia as well :) Those authors seem absolutely amazing.
    Alex @ Possession of Books

  3. I went to the ATBF as well! So many wonderful and friendly authors were there. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and had fun.

  4. This is so awesome - and the photos with all the authors is are fabulous!! So happy you got to do that! Yay you.


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