Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just a Booklover Turns Two!

Two years ago today, my blog was born.

Okay, not born. But created two years ago. But you know...same difference.

So two years ago today (yeah, I'm totally going to pull a Gilmore Girls and tell the story of the birth of this blog every single year--because I can) I was surfing the interwebz, and then I landed on Twitter. Where I saw Sarah Rees Brennan tweet a negative review of her book The Demon's Lexicon because she liked the title of the review (she's awesome like that).

I read the review and was so. Flipping. Angry. Not because it was a negative review of a book I had adored. No. I was mad because the reviewer had only read the first chapter. And that is completely fine, so long as you don't go through and act as if you DID read the whole book. If you only read the first chapter of a book, you should probably stick to reviewing that first chapter. Or, at the very least, don't make statements about a book like you KNOW what happened in the rest of the book. Once you say you only read the first chapter, critiquing what the rest of the book is like does not float my boat.

So there I was, all angry. And bored. And, honestly, I'd been considering starting a book blog for some time because I wanted to try my hand at reviewing. That person, whose blog I can't even remember the name of, nor can I remember what that cleverly titled review was even called or...anything. But that person unknowingly gave me the push to start Just a Booklover. Well, that person and Sarah Rees Brennan, who'd written a book that I wanted to cuddle with forever and ever. Because that reviewer had stated her opinions on the book, which is totally in her right, and now I wanted to tell mine. I didn't know WHO exactly I was telling it to, but still. I wanted to put it out there.

So from that day on, I began shaping up Just a Booklover. And now here we are. Two years later. Over 1,300 followers, 900 Bloglovin' followers, 400 Feedburner subscribers and over 100,000 pageviews later. Blogging isn't about stats and numbers--heck to the no--but it always astounds me how many people have given my blog the time of day. Who decided to click that button and follow. Who decided to type up even the shortest of responses to anything I've had to say, ever.

I think last year, I resisted saying this because I suck at mushy things, but I can't even deny it this year.

I love you guys.

Thank you all so, so much for sticking around for my crazy town journey in the blogosphere--through Crush Tournies, and terrible reviews, and blogging slumps, and becoming an assistant, and all kinds of stuff. It never fails to make my day to read your comments and I am just so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.

Now, for those people in particular that have been on this blogging/bookish journey with me, some since around the time I started Just a Booklover, and some trickling in after. It doesn't matter when we became like peas and carrots--I heart you all.

Val & Kay from Stuck in Books and K-Books: My triplet companions! I love having you ladies to fangirl over anything and everything JLA with. Val, I hope to all that is good in the universe that we get to meet up again, and Kay, I hope I get to meet you! I want to so bad. All three of us need to go to some kind of JLA event and fangirl together in person. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Nikki from Fiction Freak: You are adorable. Thank you so much for being such a nice person, and for living in Texas ;) We need to go to more of the same events!

Jodie: Because there are not all that many people in the world who would put up with me in a car for as long as she has. We make great roadtrip buddies, and we can totes sing at the top of our lungs whenever we darn well feel like it. LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP, LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP, LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP, WE'RE ON FIIIIIRE.

Anna from Literary Exploration: My blogging big sis! I will never stop hearting the crap out of you.

Meredith from Pandora's Books: Ahhh, you're awesome. I'm so glad we're friends, and...HUGGLES.

The ladies over at Bookish: I love how we've become friends so easily and we all just work together so well. I could not have asked for better blog partners to end up with. Special thanks to Evie for choosing me to be the Indie Enthusiast in the first place!

The ladies over at YA Bound: I heart you all so hard. 'Nuff said.
(Oh, and RACHEL! You are the sweetest. Just saying.)

Jennifer L. Armentrout: This is weird, because I kind of doubt if she's going to see this (though I seriously hope she will!). But her books were the first that got me into the blogosphere. I mean, my blog was created and I was doing my little newbie blogger thaaang, but until I started obsessing over Obsidian, I kind of sat over in my own little corner of the interwebz. So she and her books played a big part in getting me to where I am today. Plus, she is such a nice person. It has become my personal goal/hope to make it to all of her events in Texas. So far, she's been here twice, and I was there both times--so far, so good. Jen, you are the ultimate awesomesauce. Thank you.

Victoria Scott: I feel like I could write you a full-out love letter. I could not have been any luckier in landing the gig as your assistant, and I cannot think of a better author to assist. Your books make me feel all kinds of happy feelings, and YOU. You as a person. You are one of the friendliest, amazing people I've ever met. Ever. I am so glad to be your adopted daughter, and just....AHHH. I seriously think that love letter may happen, because I am so bad at this. But I love you, girl. So. Flipping. Much. You rock so freaking hard.

Aaaaand, I know I've forgotten somebody. I am so, so sorry to anyone I did. I appreciate you all way more than I can say and if I could hug you all, I totally would. Even though I'm not a hugger.

SO. Now that all of the mushy gushy stuff is over, let's get to the GIVEAWAY, yes?

 I'm giving away three of my favorite February releases--all of which coincidentally were released on the same day. Haaaaaa.

Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood, #1) Better off Friends White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1) 
*These are each linked to my review for the book*

- There will be THREE winners. First place winner will get to pick which of the three they want, and then the second place winner will get to pick from the remaining two, and then the third place winner will get the last book. All three of these books are fantastic, so no worries.
- This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. Because I heart you.
- My giveaway policy applies. PLEASE make sure you've read it before you enter.
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  1. Congratulations on your 2 years, that's amazing! And thank you for the giveaway, and for making it international :)

  2. Happy blogoversary! i hope you kepp having the same flame to nuture your passion and share it with us! thank you for the discoveries you made me find and of course thank you for the international giveaway!

  3. Congratulations! Amazing how you managed to build such a big follower base in only two years.

  4. Happy blogoversary! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  5. Congrats!!!!!! You are amazing! Your blog is amazing! Cheers to another two (or more) years! And HUGGLES!!!

  6. Happy blogoversary!! I really love hearing how/why people started their blogs so thanks for sharing! Glad we've "met" through all this! :) Here's to many more years!

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday! You are wonderful and I will never NOT want to squish you to little adorable pieces. ;) <3 <3 <3 wishing you all of the good things this year!

  8. Happy Blogoversary! Here's to many more years to come. :)

  9. Happy Blogoversary, Jess (Jessica? Idk if you go by Jess)!!! You've come so far, and I love your story about what compelled you to start blogging. Here's to many more years! :)

  10. Congrats on the 2 years an thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Happy blogoversary, Jessica! (:

  12. Congratulations! I LOVE your blog! It is always so fresh and different. Please keep up the awesomeness!

  13. Congrats on getting to 2 years. That's so awesome!! I really love your blog even though I don't usually comment but I hope you have a great 3rd year :)

  14. Happy Blogversy! I hope you have increased success in the coming years.Your blog is very impressive!

  15. Congratulations on 2 years! How wonderful! Thank you for all of the great books posts, reviews, and giveaways!

  16. Congrats girl! Heck to the yes that needs to happen! If we could get all three of us on the same side of the pond - it would be EPIC. Add JLA to that mix and it would be beyond EPIC!

  17. 2 YEARS! WOOOHOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Time to partayyyyyyy! That's brilliant, congratulations!! This giveaway rocks ALMOST as much as this blog, thank you!

  18. Happy blogoversary! Great blog-birth story! Hope you have many more fun years to come. :)

  19. Two years! Omg Happy Blogoversary!!! And awesome blog birth story! I love Sarah Rees Brennan too!!! :D

  20. Happy Blogoversary :)
    Thank you for the chance :)


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