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Review: Infinity Unleashed by Sedona Venez

Infinity Unleashed (Valkyries: Soaring Raven)Infinity Unleashed by Sedona Venez 
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Format: eARC, 254 pages
Series: Valkyries: Soaring Raven #2
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Description from Goodreads:
A new adult story of Betrayal. Sex. Addiction. Love. And Power...

Mason's diabolical plan had actually worked.

In a matter of minutes he had kidnapped me, stripping me of everything...money, family, and freedom. It was humbling, depressing, and damn infuriating but I refuse to go down without a fight. I refuse to be defeated.

Boulder will find me. I didn't know how, but I felt it deep in my soul.

Boulder...the one man that made my body quake with just one look. It was madness. There was so much I didn't know about him. For that matter, there was so much that he didn't know about me…like the evil darkness lurking inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

Could he accept me without judging?

That's where most men failed. Accepting the real me. But after years of hardening my heart, and sealing it behind a steel cage, I was ready to give myself to him freely. Knowing, that he planned to take everything I offered with both hands, until all I thought of...and wanted...was him…

After reading the first book in this series, I was kind of expecting the sequel to be better. I liked the first one well enough, but I also felt like it was setting down a foundation for the rest of the series, and since the first book is out of the way, this book would be all kinds of awesome. I ended up disappointed in that aspect.

I liked Infinity Unleashed. I did. But it was below my expectations. The book wasn't as fast-paced as I thought it would be, and I did find myself getting bored at times. I'm also not a fan of how much time apart the two main characters spent from each other. If it's a romance, I expect some actual ROMANCE to happen--not just sex. Though I have to say, the sex scene was one of the better parts of the book. 

I did like the little bits of romance we got--the concern and sweet thoughts. I also liked the subject matter, again. The world Sedona Venez has created in this series is so interesting, that was probably the most redeeming quality of this novel. That and the POV switches. I liked how we got first person from Infinity, but then we got third person from other characters. I always enjoy being in other characters' brains.

The pacing was the largest issue for me. The story felt like it dragged in some places, and it got hard to remain IN the story. I also felt like there was a lot of stating the obvious. I understood what was going on, yet the characters repeated it over and over in different ways. It was unnecessary. I was also disappointed that Torch wasn't in on the true-mate thing. It would have been fun having two alpha wolves all fierce and protective all the time. I have to admit, however, that just Boulder as our love interest worked out quite well, too.

The ending of this one was awesome. The last 30-ish percent was fantastic. I was flipping out and all excited and genuinely entertained with the story. And now I am DYING for the next book. Because I need to know what happens next! NEEEEEED.

Overall, Infinity Unleashed may not have lived up to my expectations, but it was still entertaining and I am definitely looking forward to continuing this series.


  1. Good review. I like the cover and story line. ;)

  2. Too bad the sequel disappointed! I too love it when a romance is a swoony one with time together for the people in love. Glad the sex scene was good at least!!

    Lovely review :)


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