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CraveCrave by Violet Vaughn 
Release Date: June 15, 2014
Series: Fire and Ice #1
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review
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Description from Goodreads:
Casey Cassidy is a girl who gets what she wants. 

Determined to get over Jason and find a man that wants a family, she moves to Breckenridge, Colorado.

Landing a job skiing every day, Casey finds Blaine Johnson - a wish come true. A hunky surfer turned ski instructor, he checks off every requirement on her list.

Except for the one she forgot to add.

Blaine has a secret. A secret so big it keeps intimacy smoldering, when Casey needs fire. No matter how hard she tries, the embers won’t ignite. Can she live without passion to get the family she craves?

When Jason comes to town, Casey questions everything she wished for. Their consuming love threatens to explode and ruin her dream. Will she have to choose between a family and the love of her life?

I went into this book looking for a fun romance. The synopsis indicated that's what this book would be, and though I also sort of expected the story to be the same old-same old, I was still excited because I genuinely thought I'd enjoy it. I am now pleased to admit that this novel surprised me in how it played out, and I was very much taken by this story. I enjoyed it so much.

First and foremost, I loved that the MC, Casey, was going after what she wanted. She wasn't waiting for or expecting Jason to change. She was doing what she wanted with her life. I like that she went for it. I don't like how quickly she was to go looking elsewhere, but I can respect her choices. She was strong, she was kind, and she was determined. All very good and admirable traits for a protagonist to possess. 

The guys were magnificent. I can absolutely understand why Casey had a hard time sorting out her feelings. Jason was kind and outdoorsy, and he loved and respected Casey to no end. Honestly, he was so great it bothers me they ever broke up. But it happened, and they both moved on and that was that. Then there was Blaine. He was the seemingly perfect package for guy to settle down and make babies with. If the situation were different, I would have been totally cool with Casey ending up with Blaine. He liked kids and was great with them, and he was just as kind and understanding as Jason. Plus, he definitely loved Casey. Goodness, I love BOTH of these guys. I want a Blaine and I want a Jason. 

The romance was fabulous. It was more based around feelings of love and growing feelings and whatnot than smexy times, but that doesn't mean the novel is completely devoid of those moments. I liked the way Casey's emotions changed toward Blaine as time went on, and how she dealt with how she felt about Jason in the process. It all just fell into place in a great way.

Most of the plot wasn't hugely groundbreaking, but there was one twist that I positively LOVED. For several reasons. But other than that, while the plot did satisfy me, it irked me as well. So much could have been avoided if Casey and Jason had just talked things out in the beginning. If they'd discussed WHY he didn't want kids or like holidays. I mean, I feel like the happenings with Blaine needed to happen (and I am beyond glad they did), but I also wished we could have known what was going on with Jason. That isn't the kind of thing where you go "I want kids" and then the other goes "oh, well I don't" and then BAM. Over. Not when you love each other the way Casey and Jason did. You talk about it and go from there. But it's okay. 

Overall, I had a great time reading Crave. I loved the writing and the story, and ended up with a happy feeling when it was all said and done. I definitely plan on reading the next book, Release, and I have no doubt it'll be just as fabulous as this novel turned out. 

Violet Vaughn
Violet Vaughn writes New Adult Romance in her home in New Hampshire.  She lives with her husband, two teenagers and three Portuguese Water Dogs.  An avid skier she taught skiing and snowboarding before she started her family and now skies every winter weekend for enjoyment.  Summers are full of hiking and running with her dogs.

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