Monday, June 23, 2014

NA Crush Tourney: Team Remy!


It's that time again, people! The NA Crush Tourney starts TOMORROW. Tuesday. The 24th. 

This year, I am absolutely HONORED to be the advocate for Remy from Real, Mine, and Remy by Katy Evans. I'm not sure if you know this, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with this guy. I literally squealed when I found out that I get to be the one to advocate for him. Heck, I'm still smiling about it. 

As in both of the other crush tournies I've advocated for, I'm going to need help. I'm going to need all of the people who heart our blue-eyed lion to come out and help me work his way through his matches. 

How can you help?

A few ways.

- You can take one of these handy dandy #TeamRemy buttons and go crazy with them. Make them your profile pics, post them on your blogs, tweet them as you tell us how much you love Remington Tate, and anything else you can think of. You spread the Remy love like it's going out of style.

*There are just a couple I threw together right now. If you have your own, tweet it or email it to me and I'll update this post with more!*

*These next ones were made by Val from Stuck in Books, who is made of awesome*

- VOTE FOR REMY. Of course. His first match is *Tuesday, July 1st.* I'll post a link here (along with my advocate post) so you can head on over and vote for our boy. 

- Sign up to help out/for reminders!
The previous two times I've advocated for book boys, I've done this, and I feel like it's super helpful in reminding people when to vote, updating them on progress, and getting the links out. It also helps me get a grasp of who may be able to help me come up with stuff along the way (make graphics and whatnot). 

I do not use any information you input in the form for anything but Remy and this tourney. The moment the tourney is over, I delete the list and that's that. This is just for our Riptide. :)

So if you'd like to sign up for email reminders on when Remy's matches are, and updates on his tourney progress, or would like to help me out with making graphics and whatnot (because that's not exactly my forte--as you saw above--but I try!), please sign up through the form below!

If you have trouble seeing the form, you can see it HERE.

If after trying that link, you still can't see the form, shoot me an email:
makesmeworse12 [at] gmail [dot] com

And if you have #TeamRemy stuff, my twitter handle is @jessbooklover

Thank you all so much for being awesome. It's about to get REAL, y'all!

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