Monday, January 14, 2013

Hey, Bloggers! Entangled wants YOU! ♥

*Taken from THIS WEBSITE* Hehe.

Calling all bloggers!

Calling all bloggers!

Entangled needs you! *points at you*

::Me butting in::
Entangled is the amazing publisher behind my favorite series--the LUX series!--Flawed by Kate Avelynn, and the forthcoming The Collector I like to talk you ear off about! Needless to say, I love these guys. <3

Be part of The List.

Here's what you need to know:

One of my awesome publicists at Entangled is compiling a list of bloggers.

Here are the requirements:

Do you have a blog?
(I do)

Do you love to review books?
(I DO!)

Do you want access to books before they release?
(Oh, I wish)

If your answers to these questions is a resounding "YES" then you're the right blogger for the job.

We want you! Now's a great time to join The List.
Yes! There's a list! How do you get to it? Click HERE and then proceed as instructed ;)


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