Saturday, January 26, 2013

The First Review of THE COLLECTOR!

Hey, y'all! How's it goin'?

This week has been a SUPER big week for The Collector. Why? Because the first ARCs were sent out! The bloggers/reviewers who recieved them were chosen randomly, and no. I was not in that bunch, sadly. All is well, though. Because my super awesome Lux-loving best friend WAS! Jana from The Book Goddess got and eARC, read the book in, like, a day, and then posted a review.


To see the very first blogger review of The Collector by Victoria Scott, click HERE!!

(I just felt like randomly adding this. Because DANTE IS MINE.)

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing the Book Goddess's review on this book! I am a little bit jealous that I haven't read it yet but now I MUST MUST MUST Read it!!!


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