Saturday, January 19, 2013


For those of us who spend ginormous amounts of time on Twitter, you may have seen these already, but if you DON'T spend loads of time tweeting your life away, you may have missed these. Either way, I'm posting them here because, um, hello? I want them to be on my blog.
So here are some of the teasers Liz Pelletier (V's editor) was tweeting from THE COLLECTOR.
"Some"?! Y'all are probably caught on that word, right? I know I would be.
Well, you see, Liz did some tweeting of Dante teasers TWICE. And first of all, I only caught one of these days. Second of all, I'm not actually taking these from Twitter. Ha, I'm too lazy for that, guys. So these are actually being taken from V's website where she posted about Liz being a tease!
Are you ready for the teasers now?
“I’m playing my part on Team Hell like a heavyweight.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“If I don’t get an A in this class, my grandma will skin me alive and make it look like an accident.” – Charlie Cooper, THE COLLECTOR

“As Charlie is leaving, she somehow trips on the threshold and nearly face-plants. Out of all the souls on Planet Earth, how is this the soul I’ve come to collect?” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Man it feels good to seal souls. Like a little slice of bacon.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Steal is an ugly word, Charlie. What we’re doing is letting loose.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I stare at Charlie until a shining light engulfs her small frame. Then I point my finger and release a seal. It attached to her soul and stays there. And damn it if she doesn’t turn around at that very moment…and smile.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I’m no doctor, but I’m fairly certain Grams is hopped up on enough meds to bring down a rhinoceros.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I was sure a city with the name Peachville couldn’t have a rough part of town. I stand corrected.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“She’s getting drunk because of me. This fact is ninety-five percent pleasing, and five percent…something else.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Behind her glasses, her eyes are red and swollen and so filled with hurt that I fear I will murder someone. That I will actually end someone’s life.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“Wait, is [Charlie's best friend] trying to intimidate me? Because if she is…it just might work. Bitch be scary.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I lean in and whisper in Taylor’s ear, “You don’t know who you’re fucking with, princess. Ain’t no one do bad like I do.” – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

“I’m sorry, Charlie,” I whisper. I’m not sure she hears me, and I’m definitely not sure I mean it. – Dante Walker, THE COLLECTOR

And that is it for the awesome teaser-sharing. Is it just me or is this book going to be soooo ah-maaaazing?!?! Goodness. I'm so sad that April is still SO. FAR. AWAY. Blaaah!
What do YOU think of the teasers? Are you as excited about this book as I am?!


  1. Eek!! It's not just you, this book looks so good. I am really looking forward to it. The teasers only made me want to read it more!! I did Blythe know it won't be out til April... boo! :(

    1. EXACTLY! The teasers are such a tease! And I was so sad when the release date got pushed back. It was for good reason, but stiiiiiill!



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