Sunday, June 23, 2013

Team Rule in the NA Crush Tourney (Info & Buttons!)

Hey everybody! So, I know I was just representing my boy Dante in the YA Crush Tourney, but not I'm the advocate for Rule in the NA Crush Tourney! As I've said, I have a lot of time on my hands. :)

Just like with Dante, I've made a form where people (i.e. YOU!) can sign up to help me out. ALSO, I will be sending out links and everything you need on the day of Rule's match(es). I was told during the YA Crush Tourney that it was really helpful, and it's no trouble at all for me to do. So if you heart Rule, or you wanna be a cool cat and help me out, you can sign up using THIS FORM.

If you just took a second to sign up, you are my favorite.

Okay, now info. The wonderful people at NA Alley post the bracket and schedule. If you want to see all of that info, just click HERE, and that will take you to the post. But for now, the relevant information is:

Rule's first match is June 27th against Matt from Flat Out Love!
That is THIS THURSDAY, y'all! So be sure to drop by the Alley and vote for my boy. Sign up through the form for me to remind you. Or keep following my blog. Goodness knows I'll remind you here, too. ;)
Also, there is a Facebook page for Team Rule! All the info and links will be there, too, so head on over and like the page, too!
Oh, HERE IS THE LINK. To the Facebook page. Which you should like. Because how is it possible to not love Rule?
Seriously, how? I can't even fathom this.
And lastly: BUTTONS! There aren't that many this time around, but there are a few. As always, I'll update this post if I get any more, but for now this is it!
This one is made by Natasha:
And these ones were made by me:
(Out of my two, I like the second one infinitely better.)
More buttons from Natasha! I LOVE THESE THINGS SO FREAKING MUCH.
And that is it, my friends. Rule's match is Thursday, the 27th, be sure to sign up through the form to be a cool kid and help me out, and please grab a button to put on blogs/avatars, and whatnot! <3
(Of course I made another one of these. They're so fun!)
Thanks go to Natasha, too, for even making a button AND for being the mastermind behind the Facebook page. WOOT!

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