Monday, June 17, 2013

Vote For DANTE!

Hey, y'all! So if you've seen this post:

And this post:

You know that I am Dante Walker's advocate in the YA Crush Tourney and TODAY is his match against The Darkling. Which means that it would make my day if you would do me a favor and vote for Dante here:

It is literally, like, three clicks, and a wee bit of scrolling. Then it's done. BOOM.

And, if you didn't check out those links above you may not know this, if Dante wins his match today, Victoria Scott is going to post the first chapter of THE LIBERATOR! I do not know about you, but I want to see that chapter. And if Dante DOES win, and I DO get to see the chapter, I'll totally be in a good mood. And I might be in a good enough mood to give something away.



Perhaps. ;)


Please and thank you. :)

(Just gave you the link again. You know, in case you missed it the first time...)


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