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Review: Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be (The Saving Angels, #1)

Meant to Be by Tiffany King
Release Date: March 17, 2011
Format: ebook, 287 pages
Series: The Saving Angels #1
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Description from Goodreads:
Krista Miller feels like she has lived her entire life in a glass box with her every emotion on display. She can’t help feeling like a defect as her sensitivities have made her socially inept and without any real friends; the one exception being the boy that visits her each night in her dreams.

Krista’s emotions are put to the test when a move to California triggers a devastating change to her fantasy world. The nightly comfort that the boy provides has now become a recurring nightmare as he is taken from her by an unseen force.

Struggling to appear normal, Krista enrolls in a new school and finds it to be nothing like she thought. Her new life is sent spiraling out of control from a strange connection with a boy, Mark, who claims to know all her secrets.

As Krista begins to explore the emotions that Mark evokes in her, secrets about their mysterious past and their predestined purpose threatens to separate them just when they have found each other.

I've wanted to read this book for a while. Partly because I think Tiffany King is awesome and partly because this book (and series) sounded all kinds of cool. It has the kind of premise I usually fall all over the place for.

So now I've read it, and I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. The most important thing, though, is that I definitely enjoyed it. I liked reading it and finding out more as I went along and so on.

Character Rundown:
Krista: She was okay. My biggest problem with her was because she was so whiny. Which I KNOW is part of her ability and whatnot--being sensitive--but still. You don't have to be completely strong the whole entire time, but this girl spent more time crying and whining about things. Again, I GET that it comes with the territory, but that doesn't mean it won't bother me.

Mark: I heart him bunches. I can't think of anything in particular I do not like about him. That in and of itself probably isn't good--because he could be TOO perfect and that wouldn't be believable. But he DOES have flaws. I just enjoy them.

Plot. This book starts out in a dream that I thought was so interesting and had fun learning about how Krista had dreamed of this guy since forever. But then things slowed down. And then we met a certain someone and things sped up again...I guess what I'm saying is that when things were going, they were GOING and I was 100% into this story, but then when things were slower, I got somewhat bored. Not bored enough to give up on the book altogether (obviously), but enough for it to bother me.

Relationships. This is pretty much what causes my mixed feeling for this book, along with the pacing thing. Relationships in this book are built up SO FAST. I know this is another thing that comes with the territory, considering what the book is ABOUT, but it still felt weird. Krista and Sam meet and BOOM best friends. She meets Mark and BOOM. They both meet Shawn and BOOM. And then we're all nice and happy with little actual friendship-building. Oh, and I'd like to know more about Shawn. I hope we get more in the next books!

But even though things were fast, they were still sweet. I liked seeing Krista and Mark together, and Shawn and Sam were nice to see, too. SO MUCH SWEETNESS.

Ending. There's a sequel, y'all.

Overall, though Meant to Be wasn't perfect, I still found it enjoyable and am certainly looking forward to reading the next book in the series!


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