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Blog Tour: Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti (Character Interview & Review!)

Hey, y'all! Welcome to my stop on the Dracian Legacy blog tour! Today I'm lucky enough to have an interview with Dean! Whom I love and is mine and BACK OFF, PEOPLE.
Ha, but seriously. There's an interview. I'll show it to you now.

DEAN. Why, hello, sir. Long time no see. ;) Welcome back to the blog!! It is so great to have you back. J

·         It’s nice to be back, Jessers. *winks*

Oh, so we’re sticking with this “Jessers” thing? I was not aware of this.
Sooo, my first question WAS going to be birthday related—when’s my birthday, since Priya was supposed to have told you when it was (*narrows eyes at Priya*)—but then we did the Valentine think, and I obviously TOLD you there. So first question: when is YOUR birthday? I like to know these things.

·         Are you nervous? *crosses right ankle over left knee* Cuz, it sounds like you’re nervous. Okay to answer your questions. Your birthday February 12th, 1996 and mine is September 18th.

Nervous? Pffft…no. Of course not. Heh. And daaaang, you got my year and everything. As for your birthday…I shall remember that.
You, my boy, were kind of mysterious in Dracian Legacy. Or at least I thought you were. Then again, I’m easily confused, so mysterious is not hard to be—and oh my goodness, I should stop rambling. MY QUESTION is, are there any little things or huge or important things you can share with us about yourself? You know, so I can we can all get to know you better?

·         *runs fingers through hair* Well… the mystery is part of my charm, so if I give anything away... *pauses* Okay, I’ll give one. Girls can’t contain themselves around me. *grins*

Oh, I’m sure. Right. Riiiiiiiiiight.

·         *grins brightly*

Adding to the mysterious thing, you kept your fair share of secrets. I’m not going to spoil (because that would be SO. RUDE.), but what was that like for you? Having to…hold back, I guess? I mean, we know how Ren feels, but what about YOU?

·         You know me by know Jessers. I have no problem holding secrets. I don’t like sharing. Period. *thinks carefully* The only regret has been the secret I kept from Ren. I didn’t like deceiving to her… It caused a lot of the strain in our relationship.

Sharing is caring.
If you could have a pet tiger, what would you name it and why? Yes, I seriously just asked that. Tigers are the freaking BEST.

·         Did anyone tell you…? you’re… something. *chuckles* Let’s see, pet name for a tiger… Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Now give a command to my pet tiger. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sit, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, stay. *throws head back laughs with a clap to the leg*


Oh, wow. I did not peg you for the Mary Poppins type, my boy. Ahhh, wow.

And now that I’m thinking of animals…if you could shapeshift into one animal, which would you choose? I’m totally channeling my boy Galen from The Night World: Witchlight by L.J. Smith here, hehe.

·         A big teddy bear.  Just the right size to be tucked under… *clears throat* a tree.

A teddy bear. Why does this not surprise me?
You are aware that today is ALLL MIIINE, right? Just checking.

·         Sweetheart, I’m all yours for today.

You did not just call me “sweetheart.” *blushes*
Okay, Priya gave me the idea for this question, and I’m kind of proud of myself for remembering—are you a lover or a fighter?

·         I’m a fierce lover. *wiggles eyebrows*

I should have expected that.
Now it would be sooo much fun if you described Axel in 5 words or less.

·         Sissy, kleptomaniac, tyrant, dreary, flat, lifele…

I said FIVE WORDS OR LESS. Do you not know how to count? Goodness. At least ATTEMPT to be nice. Or civil. That could work, too.
Now describe REN in five words or less.

·         *cheeks turn pink* Best friend.

Awwwww. You’re blushing!!! So cute!
Now yourself.

·         Hot, sexy, talented, irresistible, modest, ingenious, original, lo…

I am seriously doubting your ability to count to five right now. An OHHH so modest.

·         What? You make it seem like such a surprise! I am modest.

Now, what the heck, describe ME in five words or less. This should be somewhat amusing.

·         *assesses* dimples, Aquarius, beautiful hair, hmm… generous.

My hair! I swear, everyone has something to say about it. Thank you! And generous? Ha. Where did THAT come from? All I’ve done is sit here and ask you questions.
Oh, and dimples. Ha, well. *dimples*

·         Yes generous, dimples. Because you don’t have to talk to me, yet you do. You don’t have to read our story, yet you do, you don’t have show love toward us, YET YOU DO.

Hmmm, Priya’s told you that I claimed you as mine, right? I was first and eeeeveeerythaaang.

·         *raises a brow amused, lip twitching*

I am so serious right now, you don’t even know.

Moving on…what’s your least favorite thing about Axel?

·         *grins* He acts all nice before Ren, but he isn’t. He’s fake.

Now, because Axel’s actually really sweet, what’s your MOST favorite thing about him?

·         Seriously? I… Next question.

Aww, come on. Not even ONE decent thing to say about him? He is not that bad.

·         *grinds teeth* Fine. He’s an unbelievably good fighter. NOW moving on.

What’s your favorite memory with Ren?

·         *blinks*

Oh, look. SOMEONE ignored a question.

·         *Rolls eyes* There are too many to list. I could tell you about the time we both drove away in her dad’s old chevy malibu when we were six-years old and crashed it into a tree… or wait, how about that one time when she thought I was being bullied by crazy eyed Rob and came to my rescue, yeah that was cute… or wait, how about that time in sixth grade when we played hide and seek and she hide so well in his woods we couldn’t find her for almost two hours and she came running into my arms, not to her dad’s or mom’s or brother’s but mine, crying, her nose and cheeks pink or… yeah, I could keep going… There are too many moments between us. I couldn’t pick one from thousands we’ve created. *pauses* She was… is my favorite memory. *clears throat*

Do you ever listen and/or sing along to Taylor Swift? Be honest, sir.

·         I’m not afraid to admit that I have. But between us I like Celion Dion better. *shrugs, lips twitching*

Fun fact? I have Taylor Swift playing right now. Ironically enough—“I Knew You Were Trouble”…

·         *looks up innocently*

Okay, now we’re going to do some favorites/this or that’s. Because I think they’re fun, though they never fail to make me want to be all self-centered and answer them myself. Ha.
WARNING: I may or may not comment on these answers. But I probably will because I never know when to shut up. It’s a sad habit.

Favorite band? NickelBack

My brother loves Nickelback!

Song? Baby got back by Sir Mix-A-Lot


Book? Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Food? Pizza


Movie? Star wars

Quote? If you're not ready to sacrifice, you don’t deserve to love.

Color? Amber

Superhero? *grins* me

Now this was an answer I expected.

·         *raises brow* Remember Jessers, I’m all about modesty.

Book blogger? *winks* you

I approve of this answer.

Pepsi or Coke? Neither. Crush/ orange soda

Silence or music? music

Doritos or Funyuns? Funyuns

Heck to the yes!

Roses or tulips? (ohhhh, this one is 100% a test. You’re probably going to get it wrong, but I kind of hope you don’t…) *laughs* there’s a right or a wrong answer to this? *shakes head* Neither… More of a Blue lilies type of guy

There WAS a right or wrong answer, but…I like your answer.

·         So what is the right answer here…?

Edward or Jacob? Yeah, not gonna answer that.

Peeta or Gale? What the…


·         Okay, Okay… I admit. I LOVE Edward and Peeta. Happy…?

And…meh. Can’t think of any more. Soooorry.

So I guess that’s it for the interview? Unless you have anything else you want to add…?

·         Even if I wanted to, I can’t. Unless I want my rump handed to me on a stick.

*giggles* Rump on a stick?
Anything you can/want to tell us about the next books in the series?

·         Well… *shrugs* Next book, will give insight into the history of Dracians and… that the right decisions aren’t always so easy to make. That’s about as much as I can give you without getting into too much trouble. You know how writers get…? Priya might add a tail to my heiny if I give away too much.

Priya is awesome. That is all.

·         *chuckles* You want to see a tail attached to my delectable heiny?

All right, sir. Thank you so, so, SOOO much for dropping by and chatting with me. Again. You are seriously welcome here anytime. ANYTIME. <3

·         We should do this again. *puts right hand out for a fist bump*

You are NOT seriously fist bumping me right now. *narrows eyes*

·         Oh, I so totally did Jessers. We’re buds by now. Come on, just a little fist blast. You can do it.

AHH, I DON’T WANT THE INTERVIEW TO BE OVER. But I’m out of questions.
*sigh* You drop by again soon, okay? Maybe for my blogoversary next month! Thanks again for stopping by my little blog! This stuff is so much fun!
And the interview is over. Now time for the review!
Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti
Buy it: Amazon | B&N
To see my review, either go to the post below or click HERE!
(Yes, it's in a separate post. Organization, my friends. I'm taking a crack at it.)
A giveaway? Say whaaaaat?!?!?! Yeah. Sonce you've stopped by and stuck around to this point, I'ma tell you about the tour-wide giveaway! 
Guaranteed winners: 
3 winners will receive 1 e-book format of Dracian Legacy each
**If a winner had already purchased the book, with a proof of purchase, I’ll buy them another book or give a GC of equal or lesser value of their choosing. **
1 winner will receive a $15 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
 **In addition I’ll continue to add ONE $5 increment GC for every 150 copies of the book (ebook or hardcopy) sold. So for the first 150 copies sold, I’ll add $20 GC, the second 150 copies sold, I’ll add $25 GC, etc… There’s no limit to how many gift cards I add to the giveaway.**
Got that? This giveaway is being run by the author and it's pretty awesome, if you ask me.
Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter!!
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Whew! That was a lot, wasn't it? But this book is so worth it. I luuurve it sooooo much! And, aha, this blog tour will be stopping by my blog again on March 7th! I'll be showing y'all a scene from Dean's POV! Yeah, because EVERYONE knows how much I heart him. Of course I'm posting his POV. It just makes sense.
Ha! Seriously, though, thanks for stopping by!

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