Thursday, February 7, 2013

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop!

And here we go AGAIN. I honestly could NOT pass this one up. Y'all know by now how much I lovelovelove sweet things. So here I am. BUT this is more than just a giveaway hop giveaway.
Do you remember when we were all voting for Houston to host the OPAL release party and I was like "If you vote for Houston and we win I'll have a ginormous giveaway because y'all are awesome and I love you and OMG JUST VOTE HOUSTON"? Well, I'm sure you remember that Houston did, in fact, end up winning. Because you guys are the best.
So I owe you a mega-giveaway, right? Well, THIS IS THAT GIVEAWAY. This also doubles as my birthday giveaway, since my birthday is on the 12th and I'll be doing...other things....on the blog that week. (Yes, if you follow me on Twitter, these "special things" are the one Jana--the Book Goddess--and I keep grinning about.) So happy birthday to me YAY.
Now, back to the hop, giveaway, thingy stuff. It's a romance hop. You should know by now who my favorite book couple is. PLUS, I gave a huge hint by saying that this is the OPAL party giveaway. So, naturally, I am giving away...
(Well, the first three books. I'd give the last two, but that's kind of impossible at the moment...)
But that is not all. I said it would be my biggest giveaway ever, right? Yeah. I did. Sooooo...
They're signed.
All three of them.
By Jen.
And Pepe.
So read on for the details and whatnot!
- As promised, this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! You know I love you guys.
- ONE winner will get ALL THREE of these signed books.
- My giveaway policy applies, y'all. Make sure you've read it.
- Enter through the Rafflecopter below! Because Rafflecopter is our friend. ;)
Thanks for entering! Now go see what other cool stuffy-stuff the cool kids are giving away!




  1. Thanks so much for such an awesome and incredibly generous giveaway! Keep up the awesome blogging :)

  2. Well if I wasn't jealous and drooling enough over your signed pile I am way more now lol You know I lurv ya but now I will have to swoon over someone else's book pile too lol!!! Thank you for the chance to win though <3

  3. wouww! signed copy of lux series. im so excited
    thanks for ur generous giveaway :)


  4. Wow this is a generous giveaway. I'm thinking that maybe I need to read this series and the Covenant one too.


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