Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat ♥ Dante. Flipping. Walker.

As we announced on Saturday, each day this week, we're interviewing some book boys in honor of Valentine's Day! So today we have...
Dante Walker!!!!!
OMFG, yeah. Dante Walker. From The Collector by Victoria Scott!
I can't even tell you how completely MIND. BLOWN. I am to have him on my blog today. Seriously. I can't. Just...AHH! He's totally my boyfriend amazing, and my boyfriend wonderful, and my boyfriend freaking hot, and....yeah, I should probably just get to the interview now.
Dante. Valentine's Day! Some people make big deals out of this day, while other people act like it's he worst idea ever. What's YOUR opinion on Valentine's Day? Do you like it? Is it important to you at all? Why? I think it’s important. But it’s also a cop out. I mean, dudes wait all year long to show their girl they care about them and then are surprised when their chick dumps them in the end. My opinion? If you’ve got a girl, make V-Day year round. More romance for girls means more time “snuggling” if you know what I mean.
Fun fact: My birthday's on February 12. Two days before V-Day. Some people make a big deal out of this. Seriously, V-Day-themed gifts sometimes and everything. Cute, yeah. Personally, I see NO WAY how they connect. I'm kind of curious about your thoughts on this. Oh, doll. I think it means you’re the most lovable girl out there. I mean, born near V-Day? Might as well put little angel wings on you and call it a day. Damn…that thought is so hot.
Considering what you DO, is Valentine's Day a busy day for you? Or do you have time to do something special with someone if you wanted? I’d have time to do something special if, you know, someone wanted to spend a night with this demon.
If you were to do something special, would you be a big planner/surprise kind of person or just a hang out at home so long as you're together kind of person? Details, please! If you plan, what would you plan? And whatnot. :) I’m not a planner. I like to roll with the punches. And I’m definitely a stay-in kinda’ guy. I’d rather have my girl alone where there aren’t prying eyes. But I would pick up some gifts on my way to her house. My girl wouldn’t want for anything, ever.  
Okay, so for the last question, I'm just going to ask for some favorites, if that's okay?
Movie? A Devil Without a Cause
Band? Anything by White Zombie
Person? My dad
Holiday? Halloween all the way
Food? Bacon, naturally.
Book? The Book of Basketball
And there goes THAT interview. *sigh* I HEART DANTE WALKER SO HARD. As I'm sure you know by now, since you DO follow my blog and I'm somewhat obsessive, The Collector comes out in April 2013! Yeah. That's this year. We just get closer and closer! *happy-dance* So yeah. SEE THE AWESOME COVER?!?!
I swoon, guys. I swoon.
Now it's time for y'all to check out Dante's interview with Jana! Click HERE to head on over to her blog and see more Dante-hotness. Trust me, it is a mighty fine interview. [insert drool here] ;) Also, she'll have a picture of who Victoria Scott pictures as Dante! That's, like, double hotness.
And come back tomorrow...well, today was the last fay of the Valentine Book Boy Chat! But it was super fun, so who knows? Maybe we'll do it again next year. I WILL be hosting a character interview tomorrow, though--with Dean from Dracian Legacy as a part of the blog tour! So stop by again for that!
I just want to say--thank you to all of YOU who stopped by and read these posts and got excited about the interviews. You are awesome. I'll admit, it was already fun to begin with, but you made it even MORE great. Yeah. True story.
And thank you SO SO SO MUCH to Priya, Nancy, Kim, Wendy, and V for being such amazing people and agreeing to our idea and then letting us borrow their book boys. I don't know if y'all will see this, but you are all the flipping BEST. So much love.
Lastly, thanks to Jana! For not making me do this alone. There's a reason she's my best Lux-loving, Dante-loving friend, you guys.
And...that is all. Thank you so much for checking out the interview! But I think it's important to remember that DANTE IS MINE. K? Awesome. ;)

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