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Review: Land of the Noonday Sun by Carmen DeSousa

Land of the Noonday Sun

Land of the Noonday Sun by Carmen DeSousa
Format: Paperback
Publisher: 5 Prince Publishing and Books LLC
Source: Author

Description from Goodreads:
When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun.

Cassandra is the beautiful, yet analytical daughter of a wealthy attorney. Destined to follow in her father’s footsteps, her life of privilege suddenly shatters, and she finds herself with no home, career, or money. A glimmer of hope arrives in a letter from the grave promising a happier existence. Cassandra stands to inherit over half a million dollars if she can live in the sleepy little town of Nantahala for six months. Falling in love, however, was not part of the deal, and without warning, she finds herself fighting for two lives.

A man with a traumatic past is able to turn his life around and is happy with his chosen career as a whitewater guide. Everything changes though when fate hurls a woman into his path. His carefree life is in turmoil, and his former weaknesses threaten to overtake him. Will he be strong enough when tragedy strikes and is once again in danger of losing everything he loves?

Carmen DeSousa has officially been added to my list of authors I will read anything by If her name's on it, I want to read it. Land of the Noonday Sun was that great.

Right of the bat, this book begins with a very intriguing scenario, and then continues into more events that just suck you in. Then, we start getting attached to the characters and drawn into the mystery until we have no choice but to read read read to get to the ending. Needless to say, in this book, there was rarely a dull moment.

Character Rundown:
Cassandra: Cassie is a nice protag. She's serious, yet passionate, and a very real character that can most definitely be related to by a reader. I liked her. She made the best of what she had, though she was cautious, for good reasons.

Chad: I liked Cassie, but I LOVED Chad. I enjoyed reading from his point of view the most. Carmen DeSousa gave us yet another southern gentleman that I couldn't help but love. While Chad was a super amazing southern gentleman, he ws by no means perfect. He said not-the-best things. He did not-the-best things. But he made up for all of it a hundred times over. This guy is seriously amazing.

Other Characters: Tom--I like Tom. A lot. That guy...he's a good guy. Michelle--that girl is all kinds of crazy. Sorry, but it's true. Brandy--there's more to her than meets the eye, and that was ocol to find out.

The plot. The plot was fast-paced and utterly captivating. Not something I got bored while reading, that's for sure.

The sweetness. I already mentioned that Chad is a southern gentleman. Which means that there was of course an abundence of sweet, tummy-tingling moments. Cassie and Chad's relationship may not have been perfect, but it was beautiful.

The ending. These characters got the wonderful ending they deserve. Plus, it wasn't an ending that made me want to slap people! Yay!

Overall, if you thought She Belongs to Me was good, you'll be blown away by Land of the Noonday Sun. And if you haven't read either of it.


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