Saturday, March 24, 2012

A DIVINE Book! (Part 2)

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine, #2)
Last night, I finished The Lost Saint by Bree Despain, the sequel to The Dark Divine. Yet again, Bree Despain has woven an enchanting story that holds my attention super efficiently. As you know, I read in school a lot, so that is certainly a good quality for a book to have on my part. I will admit, this book was more frustrating than the first. Then again, that should be expected when we're on the second book in a series- we know the characters better, so when they decide to do stupid things when we KNOW they aren't really that dumb. . .well, it gets irritating.

I DID love this book, though. Since I gave you a rundown of Grace and Daniel last time (in my post titled "A DIVINE Book!"), I'm just going to throw in a little rundown of a new character introduced in this book that I am growing wuite fond of- Talbot. OH TALBOT. Talbot- the firce, tough guy who is super friendly but can kick some serious butt. He will surprise us but win us over in the process. I suggest we all hold some faith in him.

Just like in The Dark Divine, there was a big question of faith and keeping hold of one's soul. Just like in the last book also, this aspect was refereshing and supremely interesting. There is no shortage of "AWWWW!" moments, and certainly no scarcity of moments that we all just want to slap Grace. And again, we can't help but really like Grace anyway. Grace is such a strong character, no matter what she's done we can't help but be on her side rooting for her the whole way.

I know that the ending of the first book was very nice and closure-filled, but this book was TOTALLY DIFFERENT. The ending of this book makes me want to cry because who knows when I'll get a chance to read the next book, The Savage Grace? The ending KILLED me. Not because it was a bad ending really, but because it was such a cliff-hanger! Ugh, goodness please bring me some good luck so I can read this next book ASAP.

As for my rating, I am changing up the rating system a little bit. Since I am now on Goodreads, and Goodreads does their ratings with five stars, I'll go with the flow and rate mine out of five. (For the record, The Dark Divine would have gotten 5 out of five stars.) I rate The Lost Saint with a 4 out of five stars. A great sequel to The Dark Divine, and a captivatin bridge to the last book in the trilogy. Bree Despain, I LOVE YOU.

Okay, that's all folks. Thank you for reading my post! I shall post again soon, but not as soon as today, Friends! Oh, and please remember to follow my blog! Again, thank you all so much!


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