Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Beginning

This is the first time I've ever actually tried blogging. I thought I'd give it a whirl, though, since I love to read and I'm a writer (a young, unaaomplished one, but a writer no less). It seems that blogging is a big thing with people who love books and people who write, so what could it hurt?

I guess I should say what I intend to do here. So. I am definitely going to review some books. No doubt about that. It will probably be a ton of books I like because if I don't like a book, I probably won't realy read it. I do not plan on reviewing a book I don't finish. That would be unfair- if I don't give the whole book a chance, I shouldn't have a right to say anything bad about its entirety. I may possibly talk about some of m works in progress, vent about things that irritate me, or gush about things I love. I could possibly amuse some people, so even though this post is boring, give me a chance.

So, yeah. I don't really have anything else in mind to say right now. So... yeah. Haha(: Until next post, Friends!


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