Friday, March 23, 2012

May the Odds be EVER in Your Favor!!

HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, that's right - today is Hunger Games Day!!! I am aware that I have said, like, nothing about the Games so far, but 'tis only because I am immensely excited and I tend to get annoying. So I decided to let myself have one post on THE DAY. And today is that day: March 23, 2012! The day I have been waiting for, along with millions of others, for ages! Ah, I am so excited! I'm seeing the movie tonight at 10:30. Sadly, I was not able to do midnight release for this movie like I did with a couple of the Twilight movies. Still, I'm going the day of, so I think that's better than nothing, right?

So, I am proud to say I am one of the people who have been reading these books from the beginning - since before there was even talk of a movie. I waited and waited for Catching Fire, read it, and then waited and waited for Mockingjay. (Please note: I am not saying reading the books later makes anyone less of a fan. I am simply explaining my deep love for these books.) It is so odd to think that a book I started to read warily so long ago is now a movie. I think this book has the possibility to make a great movie, though, if they did it right. So far, from what I've seen in trailers, I'm liking what I'm seeing.

So now, my opinions on SOME of the cast:
 JENNIFER LAWRENCE as Katniss. When I first saw the trailer (in the previews before Breaking Dawn, just saying) the first thing I thought was: That is SO Katniss. She looks just like I could imagine Katniss to look, and she seems to have Katniss' serious demeanor down to a tee. I don't really know anything about Jennifer Lawrence, and I'm glad about that. I do not think I've ever seen a movie with her in it before, and I'm glad about that, too. Jennifer Lawrence shall be only Katniss to me forever more. I hope she does a good job, I really do.

 JOSH HUTCHERSON as Peeta. Okay, I'm going to be honest. When I first saw he was going to be playing Peeta and saw him with the blonde hair and everything, I was a wee bit disappointed. I thought Peeta should have been cuter. I mean, I had pictured Peeta as this gorgeous blonde boy who was way better off than Katniss and then thrown into the Games tragically. But as time keeps going by, I'm really starting to like Josh. And I have heard (or read would be more accurate) only good things about how he plays Peeta. He is supposedly a very very very VERY good Peeta. And you know what? I think he will be a great Peeta, too. I have always loved this kid but did not think he would make a nice Peeta. My faith in him is growing, though, and I don't think I'm going to be disappointed. This is the guys who played in Bridge to Terabithia and made me cry. Who played in Zathura and made me laugh. Oh, yes, do I have high hopes for him.

  **FOR THE RECORD: I am very adamantly TEAM PEETA. Always have been, always will be.**

 LIAM HEMSWORTH as Gale. I do admit that I have no soft spot anywhere for Gale. But I will concede that Liam looks like a PERFECT Gale. I am so serious. I am so glad they picked him. With the dark hair, he is a stunning portrayal of the character whom I felt for, but did not hold much affection for. I think Liam will play a good Gale.

 LENNY KRAVITZ as Cinna. Yeah, I know you're all thinking "Why are you jumping to him?!" Well, Friends, that would be because I LOVE CINNA. I truly do. As far as Lenny playing him, I'm not sure. When I was reading the book, I always had trouble actually picturing Cinna in my head. I'm not sure why since I loved him so much, but I just couldn't. Seeing Lenny as Cinna, I think it really could work. I am not disappointed at all with him being cast as Cinna. I have no clue how well he will act the part, though. This will certainly be one character I shall be on my toes for, hoping for the best through and through. No matter what, though, I will ALWAYS LOVE CINNA!

The last character I'm going to talk about is going to be. . .

 WOODY HARRELSON as Haymitch. Quite frankly, Woody is NOT who I pictured Haymitch to be. I pictured Haymitch as more attractive, but in a letting-himself-go kind of way, you know? Because the victors are usually attractive, but Haymitch had become an alcoholic. I don't know how well he will play Haymitch, but I have a very optimistic attitude for the whole movie in general, so I don't think he will ruin the character of Haymitch. Again, from what I've seen, Woody does a pretty good job. If you think about it, it actually worked out well with Woody being cast as Haymitch. Haymitch was a very humorous character a lot of the time in the books; he made me laugh a bunch. Then again, there is also a solemnity that Haymitch possesses, and must possess, to nail the role. Haymitch may be. . .well, HAYMITCH, but he has his serious side, too.

Okay, that is all I'm doing for my opinioin of the cast because there are just SO MANY people in this movie and I have to cut it off somewhere. I did my favorite characters from the book. Notice that I say BOOK and not BOOKS. That would be because I LOVE FINNICK WITH ALL MY HEART, but we don't meet him until Catching Fire. So I shall lie in wait for his brave, beautiful, attractive self.

I keep thinking about this and it is just so surreal to imagine: in 24 hours, I will have seen Hunger Games. Then I will be hopping around waiting for Catching Fire (because they MUST be doing the whole trilogy, right? It wouldn't be very wise to let THAT opportunity to slip past).

All right, Friends. So I must go now, for I am seeing the movie soon and I really need to, like, calm down. I get very hyper sometimes when I get supremely excited. I can't help it, but I try to rein it in so as not to irritate others. Yeah, that's me, always thinking of others' needs! So I shall bid you all good night and I hope that your own little Hunger Games adventures (if you plan on having any) are just splendiforous!

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I'll post again soon, Friends!



  1. I'm about to see it too--I'm so excited!

  2. I just finished reading the first book and now I'm so excited to see the movie! Having read the book now, I have mixed feelings about the cast. I mean, Katniss and Gale played by white people? Wtf? And I wasn't sure about Lenny Kravitz, because I did not remember him being good-looking, but then I looked up pictures of him as Cinna and I was like "yes please, Cinna is awesome, this is wonderful". And the girl that plays Rue looks like she'll be perfect! I'm so excited! :D

    1. Oh, I LOVE Cinna! And Rue WAS absolutely perfect!


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