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A Serious Amount of EPICNESS

Yes. Epicness is a word. If it wasn't before, it is now. Why am I using such words do you ask? Well because I am reviewing Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson today! I know, my blog has been very neglected for the past couple of days. To be honest, I've been very preoccupied with the YA Scavenger Hunt going on. It ends tomorrow at noon, so if you haven't started it yet. . .GET STARTED. After you finish reading my post, that is. I'm sure you don't want to miss this because Amy & Roger is an EPIC book, I swear. Since I finished the Scavenger Hunt today, I am free to write my post! Yay. So let's take a look at the cover of this book first, shall we?

I don't know why, but I LOVE this cover. It gives a really good impression of what the book is going to be about, but still leaves SO MUCH out.

Alright, so I LOVED this book. This was actually a re-read. I already told you that before, right? Well either way, it was. I had read it this past summer before I even started my blog. But this was just one book I HAD to include here, so I re-read it. This book was just as great, if not more, the second time around. I love the adventure, the emotion, and just the writing style in this book. It's funny, it's serious, and it's riveting. Once you start this book, you have no choice but to finish it happily.

Okay, so WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Well, gee, calm yoursleves. I'm getting there. Amy & Roger is about a girl named Amy and a boy named Roger who take a roadtrip across the country together. Simple, right? WRONG. That was leaving a bunch of things out. Some of which I will cover in my character rundowns late in this post, and others you will have to discover for yourself when you read this book. Because you really should read this book. If you don't I have an itching suspicion you'll regret it. Morgan is a wonderful author and I KNOW she has many great things to come.

One thing in particular I was pleased with in this book was the playlists. Throughout the book, there are several playlists made by Roger for the trip; he makes them along the way. Some of the music on them I knew (Owl City, The Killers, Guns 'N Roses, A New Found Glory, etc.) and others were completely new to me (Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin...). Yes, I only listed one band in that category because I love the name of that band. I love bands with names that sound like inside jokes or you-just-had-to-be-there moments. It adds a. . .complexity, I guess, to the band. Back to the point, I loved the music on the playlists. I knwo for a fact that if you search some of the songs on the lists on YouTube, in the comments there will be something about this book. Not all of the songs, but some. "Travel Song" by Someone Still Loves you, boris Yeltsin, for one. Another thing about the playlists: the titles cracked me up. Seriously. I mean "The Ballad of Amy's Lost Sunglasses"? I love these titles. Plus, they strike me as sweet in some ways. Some of them, I mean.

Alright, time for my character rundown. Who will I be telling you about today? You guessed it - Amy and Roger! First, Amy. the story is told from her point of view. She is very unhappy, you may even want to call it depressed, after the death of her father. Now she has to drive all the way across the country with some guy she's supposed to remember from her childhood but has virtually no recollection of. Yeah. That doesn't exactly strike her woo-hoo! bone. But as the trip goes on, she changes and grows as a person/character. In the end, I liked Amy. She's a good lead. Now for Roger - OH ROGER. Hehe, yep, he's one of those. Completely sweet, friendly, seemingly okay with carting a high-school girl across the country while he's going to his dad;s in Philidelphia even though he's about to be a sophmore in college. But that's just on the surface. On the inside, he is still 100% puzzled as to why his ex-girlfriend dumped him. With pretty much no explanation at all. (I KNOW, RIGHT? Such a witch with a b.) - (I don't understand how anyone can dump Roger.) So, yeah. Roger has that little conflict circling within his attractive little head.

Yes. A romance DOES spark between Amy and Roger, but it is NOT over the top or anything. It is definitely perfect for this story. It fits in perfectly and satisfies readers like me. Yep, romance junkies. You get a wonderful fill of "AWWWW!" moments that make you wish Roger and another certain character I have a soft spot for are real. So, not to worry, Friends. this book will make you happy.

Okay, the character I have a soft spot for is named Lucien, and he is a perfect southern gentleman. Whom I enjoyed reading about immensely. Plus, he is descibed as totally gorgeous! Get this - Gorgaous AND kind AND a gentleman. If only, right?

The ending. Oh, trust me, the ending of this book is not torturing. Though you WILL wish you could hear more about these lovely characters, you are let down easy when the book is over. You know it's coming. You're ready for it. And the ending isn't devastating. It wraps up the whole plot geniusly.

RATING: 5/5 stars for Morgan. Kudos, chica. I LOVED and ENJOYED this book so oh very much. I thank you for writing this book, Morgan. It was amazing. As for other books you can read by Morgan Matson, Amy & Roger was her first, but her second book, Second Chance Summer, comes out May 8th of this year! That's really not that far away, if we're being realistic. I know I'm excited about it, and I'm sure you will be too once you read Amy & Roger.

Okay, so that i it, Friends. I'll let y'all know more about books I'm going to read in another post sometime. Thank you all for reading this and PLEASE remember to FOLLOW. Yep, I said it: FOLLOW my blog. Please and thank you.

Until next time, Friends!


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  1. I've been meaning to read this book for quite some time now. I appreciate this review, especially the warning about the ending LOL. Thanks for this review! :)


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