Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stars Go Dim♥

Hey, Friends! Today I am going to tell some people who I am glad to be able to call friends of mine. They are also in a little band called Stars Go Dim. Yeah, I know; I usually talk about BOOKS, and now here I am talking about MUSIC. It's all good, though, because these guys are awesome.


Stars Go Dim is a band (as I said) made up of three guys named Chris, Michael, and Joey. Honestly, they are three of the nicest guys ever and they make some seriously awesome music. Isn't that enough? Well it should be.

They've played on the same stage as many, many people youjust may listen to every day. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, and Daughtry. Yeah, even if you aren't a fan of those three musicians, you know you've heard them on the radio at some point in your life. Well, Stars Go Dim are just as great, but not as well-known. YET. They have so many awesome songs. My personal favorite of said songs is "Come Around" and there's a mighty good acoustic verion that just makes me so happy. Wanna see it? You can watch it HERE.

What I must say is Stars Go Dim's most common known album is called Love Gone Mad and has loads of great songs that YOU, yes you, should check out. Their new album, Between Here and Now, is, well, new. This is something YOU, yes you again, should also check out because I have and I love it which means it has to be wonderful. It's true. Remember what I said about having  a special skill to pick the good things out of a pile of bad? (If you don't, then check out some of my other posts, I'm sure I mentioned it at least twice). Well that is what I have done with these guys. An amazingly great band picked out of a bunch of. . . not so good bands.


Oh, and before I forget (I have a very rambunctious-I'm not even sure I spelled that right, but you get the point-mind. I forget things sometimes as I ramble) I must tell you about how SGD's song "Crazy" was on a BONES commercial during American Idol last night. You saw that commercial? And heard that crazy (pun intended) good song? Well that was by these guys, Stas Go Dim! You're welcome for saving you a Google search. If you didn't see the commercial and would like to see what I am talking about (because I am not a crazy person, I am making perfect sense here) then you can click HERE and view the commercial. Did you watch it? Well now you are in the SGD loop. Welcome.

Okay, so now you have read this post and trust my ninja instaincts and want to check out the amazing band? Yeah, I thought you might. So now I give you LINKS! Yes, I said LINKS.

Would you like to see Stars Go Dim's website? Well if you do, click HERE.
Would you like to check out Stars Go Dim's YouTube page? Well then I've got you covered. Just click HERE.

All right, Friends. I thank you as always for visiting my blog! I hope you check out my other posts and see what random things I have to say about other random things (but usually books). I do tend to ramble, and it can be amusing so maybe you'll look? Quick book update: I am within 100 pages from finishing Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, and I am already thinking up things to say about this enthralling book. The review should be up tomorrow around. . . I'm not sure when, actually. Before 6 probably, but I can't give you an earliest time because I am on Spring Break and I love to sleep, so. . .yeah. I will post the link on my Twitter, though, so you can always check there! @makesmeworse12 if you haven't already seen this on my other posts. Oh, and back to the point of this post, Stars Go Dim has a Twitter, too! @StarsGoDim. Not that hard to remember, now is it?

I think that's it. No, I have not gotten Between by Cyndi Tefft yet. I know you are all probably wondering when I will because, you  know, I've been telling you how I want that book so much (I do) and it looks so good (it really does) and Aiden has a SCOTTISH ACCENT (*swoon*) but I have unfortunatly not gotten that books yet. I am working on it, though, so keep your eyes open. When I get it, it goes right to the top of my TBR list.

Now that seriously is everything I have to say for now. If I think of anything else, trust me, you will be the first to know. Thanks you for checking this out again, and come again soon! I shall go eat pie now :)

Until next time, Friends!


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