Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Time Flies. . .

Friends, my Spring Break is already over! I find this so upsetting. It passed by so quickly and it feels as if I have done nothing with my week off. Honestly, Spring Breaks should be longer. Then again, both you and I know that I actually have done things during this break. . . a whole lot of reading and reviewing, I took my SAT (thank goodness THAT'S over), and stuff of the blogging nature. Still, lost time is sad.

Now on to lighter topics, I am tweaking my Reading List a bit. Not a bunch, just a little. Here is the updated one:
1. The Dark Divine by Bree Despain (I'm currently reading this one. INTERESTING.)
2. The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats
3. Take Me There by Susane Colasanti
4. Dark Souls by Paula Morris
5. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson (This one is a reread, but again I say: I LOVED IT. So I will be glad to read it again.)
Again, **Please Note: When I get Between, it automatically goes to the very top of the list. Yeah, I want to read it that bad. what can I say? I'm a sucker for guys named Aiden with Scottish accents.**

I have happy news, well kind of. One piece of this I told you guys yesterday- I'm expecting an ARC of Transcendence by CJ Omololu. I am so excited about this! I don't really get ARCs on a regular basis, unfortunately. It would be great if I did, though! Anyways, my unknown-to-you piece of news now: I am expecting ANOTHER ARC! Yay for me! This one will be an ARC of Immortal City by Scott Speer. It is these kinds of things that make me happy. I shall give more information on these books and stuff when I actually, you know, receive them. I'll read them and review them and all the usual stuff, of course.

Quick thank you to Mrs. ReaderPants for my ARC of Immortal City, Sally Dubats for my copy of The Grimoire Chronicles, and CJ Omololu for my ARC of Transcendence. I am so excited to read all of these books! I have that tingly feeling right now (again) just thinking about it!

Now I just want to say that I do still plan on reading and reviewing and whatnot. I am just giving a heads-up, though that they may not be as frequent now that school is starting back up tomorrow. I am a smart chicky - I'm not bragging, just being serious (I'm graduating a year early, you know) - but high school is a huge time suck. Yes, a necessary one, but nonetheless true. I will still read like a speed demon, but you've been in high school- it is very stressful. I will do the best I can juggle it all, I promise, but cut me a little slack?

Okay, one last thing before I go to do. . .things. I think I'm going to my brother's house today. . . I did not plan on saying this, but I am listening to this song by Paramore called "Oh, Star" and it is such a great song! I don't know why but it is sticking with me right now and I need to tell you about it. It's not new, but it is an old demo that you may not have heard. I, for one, am a huge Paramore fan. So I feel it necessary to spread the word when I discover a particularly awesome song of theirs. Check it out HERE.

All right, and that is it. Thank you all, as always, for checking out my blog, and certainly feel free to take a look at my other posts!

Until next time, Friends! (And wish me luck at school tomorrow!)


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