Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

It's pi day! What is pi day you ask? (If you don't know, that is.) Well in math the first three digits of pi are 3.14. Today, dear friends, is March 14th. 3/14. See it? Yeah. So Happy Pi Day everyone! Now we shall all be happy and smile as we eat pie. YUM.

All right, so I have no particulary good story to tell today... I'm on Spring Break for this week, so I didn't go to school thusforth have no interesting story to share. I DID, however, go see Act of Valor. Now, it was pretty much a war movie, but not in the overgruesome way. More in the way that makes a point. There wasn't violence because it was a war movie. There was violence because it added to the point and impact of  the movie. I suggest you go see it- it was a beautiful, beautiful movie. Plus, there are some cool action things that happen. It may jerk some tears, though: FAIR WARNING. :)

And yes, I snuck Twizzlers into the movie. THEY WERE DELISH. That's not the worst we've done, though. One time, we brought in Wendy's. Yeah, we're like that. Don't judge us. Haven't you ever brought anything random into a movie? I think we all have at some point in our lives. It happens.

SO, I am currently reading Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. I was only about 100 pages in yesterday and had nothing really to say about it. Now, I am farther in and have to say that this book is so interesting. What is subtly happening right now between Cas and Anna is exactly what I like to read about. Okay, that is all I'll say about the book right now because otherwise I will go on and on and run out of new things to say for my review. The review should be up tomorrow or Friday at the lastest. I haven't finished the book yet, but I read fast and this book is GOOD. That usually speeds up my reading. I'll probably finish it today.

Okay, I am listening to this cover of that Jimmy Eat World song "Hear You Me." Have you ever heard it? (THat's a trick question: everyone's heard it. You may not know that you've heard it, though. Yeah. One of THOSE songs.) Anyways, I'm listening to a cover of it by Paramore. This song is so beautiful. Relaxing. It makes me think of that book Between I've been telling you about. I have no clue why since Between is (as far as I can tell) about a grim reaper, not an angel, but hey. I cannot control my random thought processes. They are what make me ME. Unique and awesome and all that. :)

At this moment, I think this is all I have to say. Oh, wait, no. Go vote for SHIFT by Jeri Smith-Ready HERE:
Trust me, this book is awesome. Vote for the SHADE boys! Please? I hear that the more votes we get, the more great things will happen... DO It, friends. Just do it.

Okay, now that is all. Thank you for visiting my blog, friends, and I hope you come again soon and maybe check out my other posts? If you wanna check me out on Twitter... well, here ya go: @makesmeworse12

Until next post, Friends. And again, Happy Pi Day!


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