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I swear, this book was so great. What book? Well, those of you who have not read my previos posts, I finished The Dark Divine by Bree Despain yesterday. I am so sad that it's over, but all is well because I have the next book in this trilogy on reserve at the library right now. I shall pick it up ASAP and read it and have more of Daniel and Grace.

A big defining feature about this book would probably be the fact that it IS a werewolf book. I am not going to give any disillusions about that. But this is not any ordinary werewolf book. Actually, Bree used the word "Urbat"- dogs of death. I love learning new words like that. I was also SO so so so so so SO happy that she used the term loup-garou. I really love that term, ever since I read the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow. (If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you give it a shot.) My point is: this book is not just an everyday, boring werewolf-pack story. Actually, the wolf in this book isn't even IN a pack. So, I rest my case. This story is not based around the aspect of Daniel being a werewolf, not really. I'll get more into that in a minute, though.

First, I shall do my character rundown! I'll start with the main character, Grace. Grace is the kind of a girl that will not take "no" for an answer. She is determined and driven, but not in a witch-with-a-"b" way. In a very pure, believing kind of way. She truly BELIEVES that what she is aiming to get done will happen, so she does it. To be honest, I used to think "Grace" was such a boring name. But now, after reading this book and the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy (by Maggie Stiefvater) I truly think Grace is a beautiful name. It is rare that I actually LIKE the girl main characters in books I read. I usually have so many complaints about them, but I really like Grace. I hope for the best for her. Now, on to Daniel- OH DANIEL. Yeah, Daniel is that lovable kind of guy. You feel for him and his horrible past and love him and his bad boy attractiveness now. I'm not going to give much away about him because it is usually the boy's mysteriousness that adds to the draw of a book, and we all know I do not spoil. Ever. It's just not right, in my opinion.

Okay, now on to the big BOOM reason why this book is just so AMAZING. I think it was very different and intriguing how this book is based around religion, or faith. Not in a "I'm trying to convert you" way - definitely not - but in a matter of fact way. Grace has a strong faith that resonates throughout the whole book. Then, when the big climax part happens, Grace is not so bothered about what she has to do or her huge possibility to mess up with Daniel - well, she is, but that's not the point of that part - she is conflicted about her SOUL and Daniel's SOUL. I love that. It gives a much deeper meaning and pureness to the story being told. Plus, it is very different in a werewolf book. Usually werewolves are worrying about how they keep control. Yes, this is one of Daniel's concerns, but the bigger dilemma is the issue of his soul and an opportuinty to make it into heaven after he dies. And that is absolutely all I am going to say on that matter.

All right. So, I usually say something about the ending -  whether it was good, bad, whatever. The ending to The Dark Divine was actually not too bad. It did leave me wanting more, but not in a way that tore my heart out. More in a way of "Okay, so. . . I'm getting that book now. Whew, that book was GOOD." If that makes any sense. I mean, bookworms like myself should understand. The fact that I am not stretching my view of what a curse word is (because I do not curse) shows just how much closer was had at the end of this book. It was enough to satisfy for a little bit, but not too little so that you forget the book. Oh, you remember. You just remember CALMLY and wait and wait and wait for the next book.

My rating: 10/10. no doubt in my mind. This book was just that terrific. Honestly, Friends- READ IT. You will love it! Don't be like me and keep putting it off. Yeah, I did that with this book. For some reason the books I am most skeptical about at first are usually the ones I enjoy the most in the long run.

All right, I have to wrap this up now, but thank you all for reading my review! READ THIS BOOK and check my other things out, please! If you like what you see, then follow my blog! I will not disappoint. ;)

Until next time, Friends!


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