Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sneaking Candy into Movie Theatres...

Yup. I am one of THOSE people who sneak candy into theatres. I can't help it; the candy they sell at the establishment is always super overpriced. I'd rather save some money and bring my own Twizzlers, thanks. Okay, now you're probably wondering why I'm even talking about this. Well because I'm going to see a movie later, silly! I'm going to see Act of Valor. Apparently it's some war movie...? My mom wants to see it, and my brother and his wife have already seen it and liked it, so we're going to see it together. I don't remember even seeing prviews for this one, so it should be interesting for me.

Moving on, I (finally) went to the library today! Therefore, I now have a few books to add to my TBR list:
Take Me There by Susane Colasanti
Dark Souls by Paula Morris
Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson (ACTUALLY, this one will be a reread since I already read this book over the summer. I loved it, so I want to read it again!)
And last, but certainly not least:
The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

That last one I chose because today is a very special day for the author: today is the release day of the last book in The Dark Divine trilogy- The Savage Grace! So I thought I should probably read this trilogy. Better late than never, right? I'll probably review these books individually instead of as a whole trilogy like I did Nightshade and The Demon's Lexicon, but I'm not sure yet. . . we'll see how it goes. I only have the first one checked out of the library so far which leads me to predict I'll do the reviews seperately. But again I say: we'll see.

So, I was thinking yesterday, and I realized that we are really getting into book release season. I mean, honestly. There are so many books coming out in May, and I know of a few in April too. A few of the books I am personally waiting for in May are:
Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready (the last in the Shade trilogy)- May 1, 2012
Until I Die by Amy Plum (sequel to Die For Me)- May 8, 2012
Endure by Carrie Jones (last book in Need series)- May 8, 2012

For the record: I know that all three of those books are in series or are sequels. I'm just saying that those are a few books that I am looking forward to in the month of May. Later in the summer, I certainly have some stand alone books that I am excited for. I'll list those some other time, though.

Now, for my last piece of good news (if I even had any good news before this...?). You all know that book called Between by Cyndi Tefft that I have been yapping about for abnout a week now? (see my other posts, I've mentioned this book in a few of them) Well my parents said I could get it! *this is where the angels start singing* I am so happy! The only catch: I have to wait until the beginning of next month for it. So now I am waiting. I am not a very patient person. But I shall deal! If you haven't heard my convincing argument on how every single person who reads any of my blog posts should read Between, then. . . READ IT. Come on, there is a super attractive male Scottish male character named Aiden MacRae. I don't know about you, but that alone is enough to prompt me to read it. Plus, did you notice I said SCOTTISH. As in- SCOTTISH ACCENT. Dude, an accent! So appealing. Ah, I love accents. Throw an accent on an attractive male character and I am a happy gal. Anyways, I'll be reading it sometime and I will review it and actually have true credibility of recommending it instead of just my strong tingly feeling in my tummy whenever I think of that book and Aiden MacRae♥

Last piece of business- I am currently reading Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. I am just shy of 100 pages in, and have no actual opinion of this book so far. It seems promising, though. The story's really starting to unfold. And that's all I'm going to say on that front.

All right, blog readers. This is all I have to say right now. I now have to go email my bestest friend. I won't promote my Twitter this time, but if you want to check it out, I told y'all my username in my last few posts. As always, thank you al for taking the time to read my rambling blog! I am truly grateful.

Until next time, Friends!


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