Friday, March 9, 2012


Okay. So. Last night, I finished Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. And now I have nothing to say. I am utterly speechless. The only two words that are popping into my mind are READ THIS. Seriously, read it. It was an amazing book, the first in a trilogy. I have no idea anything about the next two books, but I plan on getting the next book the moment it comes out if I can.

Okay now actually onto the REVIEWING part of this post. This book was stunning. Enchanting. Marvelous. You can pretty much insert any positive adjective in here, and it will be correct. Shatter Me was beautifully written and has the most perfect pacing, like, EVER. It does not take too long to jump into the action, and it doesn't jump into the actual happenings too fast, either. The whole book just runs amazingly smooth. Every little secret or story is told and clicks into place at just the right moment, just when we realize what must have actually happened or how something must truly be for ourselves.

I refuse to spoil anything in this book, but I'll tell you about a few of the characters(the ones that aren't secret-like). First off: Juliette. Juliette is such a wonderful leading character. She is both strong and weak, which is perfect because aren't all humans both strong and weak at some times? She has this lethal power that she has grown to hate, that distances her from humans. She's wistful and that is always a good quality to have in a leading character; it gives them something to fight for. Next, Adam. I will not go into detail because of my no-spoiling rule, but he is such a sweet character. The perfect match for Juliette. (so far.) And Warner, ah Warner. Such a tempermental character with a softspot for the girl he wants to understand, the girl he wants to be like him, perfect for him. He's the character we can all collectively feel bad for that just makes us want to slap somebody at his out-of-nowhere changes. His mind is so hard to follow and it keeps us on our toes. Lastly, I'll say something about Kenji- OH KENJI. Kenji is the funny guy. He's the funny guy with some secrets of his own. Secrets we don't suspect until, BOOM, the truth is thrown in our faces. He is just awesome that way. And that's all I can say about characters without giving things away. . .

In case you cannot tell, I LOVED THIS BOOK. I had to force myself not to read it too fast because I could not bear to finish it. My one, solitary little complaint about this book is that it was not long enough! That's probably not a legit topic to complain about, though, considering there are two more books to come. The wait will be brutal, of this I am certain.

So, all in all, I rate this book a 12.5 out of 10 because it was just that fantastic. It was one of those books that made me want to laugh and cry and go "AWWW!" at just the right moments. I would have rated it a miilion and four point five out of 10, but I thought that would be a wee bit obnoxious. I am not usually an obnoxious person. Well, unless you know me well.Then I am totally obnoxious and you love me for it, but that's not important at this moment. So, I recommend everyone who ever reads my blog to read Shatter Me. I would bet (almost) anything that you will love it.

I bid you all good day and thank you for reading this post! If you haven't already, check out my other posts! I have reviews for The Demon's Lexicon trilogy and the Nightshade trilogy. (Both are great trilogies). Check them out and maybe read those books? They are just wonderful, too! I am currently reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and I'll be writing a review for that. . . I'm not sure when, but I will write a review. After I finish it, obviously. And I usually read books super fast, so. . . yeah.

Alright, now I'm seriously saying goodbye! I will post again soon, friends!



  1. I'm reading Shatter Me currently and right now it seems absolutely enchanting! I love the writing and the cancelled out words, they show the confused state of Juliette so well! And Adam seems kind of nice, though I'm not sure yet since I'm only at the beginning! Great review!

  2. I'm halfway thru and when I knew that Adam was a soldier, I was like noooooo... Then it turned out that he really loved Juliette, I was yessssss....

  3. i love this book! i'm torn between Warner and Adam.

  4. I so love this trilogy and I am a Kenji girl at heart I just love him! thanks for sharing!


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