Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, Friends! I hope you have a great holiday! Just dropping in to tell you all that 1. You remember my nephew we all wished happy birthday to a couple days ago? Yeah, well we were at the mall with him on Friday, and he was afraid of the Easter bunny! The one that little children get their pictures taken with. It was so adorable! Hmm. . .it's funny how we find things like small children being scared by innocuous things funny and cute. Either way, he was, and it was hilarious as well as precious. And 2. I'm Googling Happy easter pictures and am finding a bunch of cute ones, so I'm just going to throw a whole bunch on here. Hehe(:

  Remember how I said that I loved tulips? Well, these ones aren't red, but they're still pretty! :)


Okay, I'll stop with the pictures here before I get a wee bit too excessive. And heads up: I'm planning a giveaway soon! I got my SAT scores yesterday! ;)

Have a very happy Easter, Friends!!


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