Sunday, April 15, 2012

I choose ERUDITE!!

Since I have finally finished reading Divergent, I can OFFICIALLY choose a faction. I am aware that I have an Erudite button on my sidebar for a while now. But, as I mentioned, now my choice is official. So. . . I choose ERUDITE.

Why do I choose Erudite, you ask? I am very aware that Erudite are the bad guys. Believe me, I know this. And I really liked the Amity faction better. The whole peace thing seems cool to me. But that's what I like, not where I would really fit in. To be perfectly honest, I'm smart. I loathe studying, but I'm smart. How that works, I don't know. I can win arguments through rational statements (most of the time). I am naturally curious about things. So, all of these aspects of my odd personality (along with other things that I don't really feel like listing and probably other things that I don't even notice about myself) point me in the direction of Erudite. So I chose the Erudite faction. As simple as that. :)

Okay, now Insurgent comes out on MAY 1ST. Yeah, it's sooner than you'd think. I have a cute little countdown thingy in my sidebar to keep track. Anyways, I am personally not doing anything special for this occasion, but there are faction blog teams that ARE. First, here's the list of Erudite members:

And their genius leader is Pam from Bookalicious ;)
(Yes, I was kind enough to put the links in. Just click and see these blogs!)

Okay, so now here are the links to the awesome Erudite team GIVEAWAYS!

O'Dell at Book Twirps is giving away 2 hardcover copies of Insurgent! But wait, there's more, (if you can believe it!): if #TeamErudite wins, he will double the giveaway to 4 hardcover copies, how awesome is that? Enter HERE.

Lyndsey at Strangemore is giving away a signed copy of Divergent as well as a preorder of Insurgent. Enter HERE.

Pam, of Bookalicious, our smart faction leader is giving away 3 signed preorders of Insurgent! Enter HERE.

And OF COURSE Benji from The Non Reluctant Reader is having his own giveaway you MUST check out. Enter HERE.

You can find the link to VOTE (yes, VOTE) for Team Erudite on each of the team members' blogs! It is the simplest thing ever, I promise - all you have to do is click in a link. Easy peasy, right?

Okay, that's all, folks. I STRONGLY suggest you show the Erudite team some support. We're smart and awesome! I got all my information from Benji at The Non Reluctant Reader.

Thank you for stopping by! Until next post, Friends!



  1. You're too happy to be erudite! But kudos to you for being a smart girl who's not ashamed of being smart.

    1. Haha, thank you! It's hard to pick a faction, though. In real life, it's not so clean-cut. So I just chose Erudite!

  2. Cool! I chose Erudite too! New follower! :0 when i think of Erudite I don't think of only being the bad guys, I think of powerful leaders.

    1. Oh, I like that interpretation! Erudite for the win! :)


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