Thursday, April 26, 2012

Immortal City

I finished Immortal City by Scott Speer! All in all, my ideas about this book are very intermixed. I loved some things, and other things were kind of meh. All in all, I liked it. I'm so happy I got to read it. I was so excited to read this when I got the book. I really liked the idea of Angels saving for money instead of because they were divine and perfect. There's nothing WRONG with that, exactly, it's just something we see everywhere these days. It was nice to see a different variation of an angel story.

While there were different aspects in this story, there was also the big, main romance aspect that we see in every angel story - angel falls in love with human, superiors get upset, and BOOM - trouble. Despite this cliche, this book held my attention, so I don't hold much against this book. Plus, there was a nice little mystery intermixed within the normal love story that livened things up a bit. Throughout the story, we are making assumptions as to just who the killer - yep, there's a killer - could be. And I think we are all wrong in our guesses. I know I was. I love when that happens; it adds suspense.

Character rundown! We have Maddy and Jacks. Maddy is the poor (like, literally poor) human girl who is positively boring until she meets a certain angel boy whom we will all know and love very soon. I loved Maddy. As we all know, the girl leads are usually hard sells for me, because. . . well, I'm not even sure why. But I really liked Maddy. I think it's because I can identify with her. She smart, determined, and shy to certain situations, but stands her ground when she's utterly serious. She's not just some love-struck girl doing stupid things for a guy. She does what she thinks is best, and I respect that. As for Jacks. . . OH JACKS. Jacks is the Angel guy every girl wants but can't have. Strong. Gorgeous. History in the making. And then he meets our girl Maddy and just can't stop thinking about her. Of course he can't. That's the way it goes with these things. But that's a point for later. Right now the point is that I loved Jacks, too. The guy characters usually win me over twenty time faster. I can't help it. There is always at least one guy in a book that I adamantly root for. Well, this would be Jacks.

Romance. The romance in this book is oh so clearly THERE. It is a very common story of love, though. They meet. Can't stop thinking about each other after some moment of undeniable connection. See each other against the wishes of superiors. Etc, etc. We can all pretty much guess how the love story in this book goes, but it is definitely not worth NOT reading this book for. We should all still read it because there ARE the super sweet moments in here that just make you go "awwwww!" Plus, the plot is very, very good. The love story is predictable, but everything else is certainly NOT.

One aspect of this book that I especially liked was how . . . Angel-fied this book was. The world in this book was like our own, but instead of people obsessing over celebrities, they obsessed over Angels. This doesn't sound like much, but some of it was funny. For example, instead of "YouTube" there was "SaveTube." When I saw that one, I laughed for a bit. It was funny! If you don't understand why it's called "SaveTube," then I suggest you go on and read this book. Can't be wondering about this question forever, right? ;)

The ending. Okay, so when I was getting close to the ending of this book, I was getting supremely disppointed. But then my hopes lifted. And then they were crushed again, but not as much as they would have been the first time. But then I was like "YAY!" So my point here is: Do not give up on this book. Don't read ahead, either. It will ruin the sweetness of certain moments. Anyways, don't give up on this book around the end. Just keep your hopes up and finish the book in sequence. You will not regret this. The very end of the book was absolutley perfect for setting us up for a sequel. Now I just have to wait for it.      *head desk*

My note to anyone who reads this: This story is the same, but different. Which is a good thing. So read the book! I liked it. I really did. And now I get to keep it! *happiness*

Thank y'all for reading my review!


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  1. I found this book really cheap, and had heard good things...It wasn't a deal I pass up...Well I am excited to get into it and see what I think! :)


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