Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Into the Future!

All right, so I just KNOW youa re all wondering if I ever do anything, you know, FUN. And that answer would most of the time be NO. I pretty much have no life. I just sit around like a lazy little bum and read. But today, well it'll be yesterday by the time I post this, but TODAY I went to another fabulous book signing. And I had a wonderful time AGAIN!

This time there were two authors whom you may have heard of before? If you haven't, then . . . um. We're just going to imagine that we all know who these authors are, okay? It's in everyone's best interest. (HINT HINT: if you do NOT know who these authors are, get familiar with them, like, NOW. You will not regret it, I promise. Some amazing people right here.) All right, so I am going to tell you now because you're all probably screaming at me, but not really at me because it would be your computer screen which makes you look funny and me feel victorious because that would make me awesome enough to inflict this kind of emotion and . . . yeah, I'll move on.

I saw Tahereh Mafi and Veronica Rossi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tahereh is the stunning person who wrote Shatter Me and is releasing the sequel, Unravel Me, next year. (ANOTHER HINT: that's around my birthday - February - so, you know, if anyone wants to be an awesome person . . . well, you know what to get me next year.) If you want to see my review of Shatter Me, you can click on the review section of my blog and it'll be listed there! This was one of the first books I reviewed on my blog and it was a captivating one, let me tell you. :)

Veronica is the amazing person who wrote a little book called Under the Never Sky. So you've heard of it? GOOD! I have not read it yet, but I DO now have a lovely signed copy now that I'll be reading as soon as I possibly can. And then y'all (I SAID Y'ALL!) will be able to see what I think of this book. Which I have an amazing feeling about. Just saying. I mean, seriously. There's a character named Roar! How can anyone pass that up?

Now, on to the actual SIGNING. I am sad to say that I got there late on account of horrible traffic, but I like to think I didn't miss much. I was there before questions began to be asked, so I think all was well. I am rpoud to say that I asked three - count 'em, THREE - questions. I'm not going to directly say what they were or what the answers were because I'm a lazy person and don't feel like typing all of that up. Plus, the answers were kind of long and that REALLY turns me away from typing it all up. The answers are forever archived in my memory, though.

So, what did I learn at this book signing? Well, I learned that Veronica Rossi likes to name her characters after wine. And Tahereh LOVES the fact that being an author is a profession that is pants-optional. Actually, both Veronica and Tahereh seemed to really like that aspect of their careers. Until today, I did not know that Veronica was an artist. Honestly, all I really knew about her before today was that she wrote a book that a lot of people were saying only the best things about. Naturally, I had to read this book. And now I own it! I'd say that is a win for me. Plus, Veronica (along with Tahereh) was extremely nice. Which is always good because it makes me more comfortable and makes me love certain authors that much more.

And Tahereh. I did NOT get her book signed because I had already read Shatter Me by checking it out from my library, and we all know that I am not exactly the most wealthy person. Therefore, I bought the book I haven't read yet and opted to just talk to Tahereh real quick about her wonderful book. And she was amazingly nice as well! We talked for a minute about Twitter. Because Twitter is great. It really is. Since I knew I was going to go to this event, I had been talking to both of the authors before on Twitter because that way they'd know I was coming! What can I say? I really like to be remembered. What is the point of this long rant? Tahereh signed a coffee collar for me! That was so kind! She really didn't have to do that, nor was I expecting it. I had alreayd loved her, but she just raised my love for her, like, ten notches.

So now I have personally signed things from both Veronica and Tahereh. This makes a SUPER GREAT day, in my opinion. I even got a gorgeous bookmarkfrom Veronica! If either of you are reading this, I LOVE YOU BOTH! Thank you both so oh very much! I'm so sorry I was late, but I'm glad I was there! I cannot wait to see you both again! (Not in a stalker way, but in an I-love-you way, which should be comforting.) Hugs for you both!

OH! And befoer I forget, they both loved how people from Texas say "y'all." Which is a nice little coincidence, because if you haven't noticed, I say y'all ALL THE TIME. Seriously, all the time. In my posts, in real life, all the time. It drives my mom crazy. She is not a fan of that word. But I love it! And I'm not even from Texas. Still, I've been saying it all my life. Maybe I was meant to move to Texas and always knew it subconciously but never realized it because . . . yeah, writing idea right there. JOTTED DOWN. ;)

And Tahereh -  I am not listening to "Let it Be" on repeat, thanks to you! Only I would store the little memory of you singing "words of wisdom" quickly under you breath when you told us to let it be. Now the song does not want to leave my brain. Eh, I still love you, so it's okay.

All right, this post is getting kind of long now, so I'll let you all go! Be sure to visit again tomorrow to see my review of Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg! Such a wonderful book. And then I have other big things coming next week!

Thank y'all for reading my post and visiting my blog! Until next post, Friends!


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