Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hey, guys! Today, I have some supoer awesome news to share with y'all.

And not only is it super awesome news, but it is one of my favorite kinds of super awesome news.


Yes! *squee!*

So I won't hold us up with a bunch of commentary. I know how excite we get about all things Dante.

Video Link (Just in case)
Um did you hear that?!?!!! The lovely VICTORIA SCOTT said we would only have to wait 5. Months. For the second Dante Walker book! THAT IS SO GREAT!! I was worried we might have to wait a whole year for more Dante. And then I would have died.
And then...that title. Ohmygosh, that TITLE!
Is it just me or does that go PERFECTLY with THE COLLECTOR?! So much love for this. I'm even more excited for the Dante Walker novels now, if that's even possible!
Now, for the GIVEAWAY!!
The wonderful Victoria Scott is giving away THIS:
Mhm. THAT Collector awesomeness. The giveaway is international and yes, I am entering, too. I want those pins! And goodness...the other things.... I want it all, okay. I WANT ALL OF THE THINGS. Hehe. So just enter through the Rafflecopter below!
**This giveaway is not run by me, therefore my policy does not apply. I am not responsible for the winners or distributing prizes or anything. I mean, goodness, I want this stuff, too! I WISH I was running this. Anyway, I'm nor responsible. That is all.**
So, what do YOU think of this news?
Before y'all go, I just want to take a quick moment and say happy birthday to my Daddy. So...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All right, NOW tell me what you think of this news!


  1. Thanks for posting, Jessica. And a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad! :)

  2. Great post and giveaway! :D I can't wait to read The Collector it's one of my very very anticipated upcoming 2013 books! :D

  3. Yeah, so I am getting so excited for The Collector, and it makes me so stinkin happy to know that the second book comes out in less than half a year after the release of the first. That never happens, and that is amazing!!! This should become a regular practice for all books!


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