Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun or None?--Mash up Monday

Fun or None?

Welcome back for another day of MEEEE on this Fun Hop! Today, my dear friends, is Mash up Monday! What does that mean? Well, today I shall be telling y'all about two characters I'd love to put into a story together and why. Since I'm me, this could be very interesting. . . or very boring. It depends on the day.
So, who'd I mash into a story together?
 Well, OF COURSE I had to throw Daemon Black into this. We ALL should have seen that coming.
 Ah, isn't he so nice to look at? *sigh*
Ahem. . . okay, I'll stop swooning and move on now. Who would I throw him into a story with? Y'all can probably guess this one, too. Who would be the most perfect character to throw into a story with DAEMON?
Another Damon, of course! (Though the spelling IS different. . .)
 Damon Salvatore. The wonderful, wonderful vampire.
Now you all may be wondering WHY I would want to throw these two amazing, gorgeous, swoon-worthy, attractive males into a story together. Well, I believe I just gave you the answer. Because they are:
Yeah. Plus, they both have very . . . strong personalities. I'd love to see how they act with each other.
Personally, I think I'd be Team Daemon for this. Which Da(e)mon would YOU root for? Answer in the comments if you'd like!
Okay, now that we've seen my mash up, y'all should totally go check out everyone else's! I wonder how many of them are using Daemon, too. . .
Have a most wonderful Memorial Day, Friends!

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  1. I love Damon I haven't read the series that the other Daemon is from but it sounds great! I mashed up Damon with Rose from The Vampire Academy!


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