Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun or None?--Salutation Sunday

Fun or None?
Heeeeey, everybody! I posted What I Got just like always earlier today, but other than that, this week will be soley devoted to this little Fun Hop. It's to help out bloggers who have this week full of hard schoolish things because we all know that it is nearing the end of the year. And what does that mean? Well, it means final exams and final projects and other stressful things. So instead of taking a whole week off, we're hopping!
Today is the first day of our Fun Hop, and this is for Salutation Sunday! So I will tell y'all a little bit about myself. Things that are NOT in the "About Me" tab. An introduction, if you will. So, here goes!
Hey, I'm Jessica! I'm 16 and run a lovely little book blog (which you all obviously know). I have three brothers and three nephews. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, but moved to Austin, TX about two years ago. (Well, not exactly Austin, but super close by there!)
I seriously miss Buffalo, where my closest friends are and where it actually, you know, SNOWS. I loooove snow. It is beautiful and wonderful and it SPARKLES. Really, it does. but while I miss Buffalo, Texas hasn't been exactly bad for me, either. I've met quite a few authors since I've moved here and have made some super awesome best friends! They can't replace my other friends, but they help with the whole moving-across-the-country-while-in-high-school thing. Really, moving across the country while in high school STINKS. Like a skunk, but in a figurtive sense.
I try to be a nice person because nice people are just pure AWESOME. I know some seriously great people and would love for others to think of me the way I think of them.
I'm a huge Yankee, Paramore, Spongebob, Taylor Swift, ADTR, Literary Exploration, Daemon Black, (fill in more awesome things here) fan!
All right, this "salutation" is getting somewhat long . . . so I guess I'll leave it at this. If there is something y'all would like to know or need help with or anything, you can totally contact me and I'll answer/do my best to help! I promise, I don't bite or anything.
Okay, so that was my first post in this Fun Hop! I hope it wasn't a total bore to read. I'm kind of a boring person. (Well, unless you know me well enough--then you find me HILARIOUS.) Buuuuut, you should totally check out the other blogs in this hop! I'm sure they're much more interesting than me:
Have a fun hopping, Friends!

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  1. Go Yankees I live in NY but sometime I despise the winters but I guess if I didn't have them I would miss them too!


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