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Review: Destiny's Revenge by Nancy Straight

Destiny's Revenge (Destiny, #2)
Destiny's Revenge by Nancy Straight
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Format: Paperback, 225 pages
Series: Destiny #2
Source: The author from a giveaway!

Description from Goodreads:
There was no reason for Lauren to be in a coma. Her physical injuries had healed, but she had been non-responsive for so long that her doctors told her family and Max to move on. She awoke to find her life in a shambles; the man she loved was gone, her friends had moved on with their lives, and her family was ripped apart by her accident. No one knew of the evil forces watching, waiting for her in the shadows, in the lonely corners, even in the eyes of those she loved. Lauren needed to reclaim her destiny, to get her life back; the last thing she ever expected was Destiny’s Revenge.

Remember how I said in my review of Meeting Destiny that the ending of that book was horrible with a cliff-hanger and I had to immediately pick up the next book to start reading it? Well, this book was a very good sequel. As the middle book in a three-part series, it was expected to lack a little because I have seen this so many times before in second books. But this book was not any less good than Meeting Destiny was.

Something I loved about this book was that right at the beginning of the book, we were given answers. Rewsna drops by and we get a whole bunch of answers that helps some things in the last book make sense that made zero sense before. We don't get every explanation we deserve here, but it was certainly nice to get SOME answers instead of none.

Since Meeting Destiny ended the way it did, I expected to be bored for a good portion of the beginning--until some things got set right that were in a mess. I was elated to find that I didn't really have to wait that long--only 40 pages or so. From that page on, this book was interesting. I loved the interaction between Lauren and Max, and Joe was a hoot. A lot of this portion of the book is very heartfelt and sweet but funny as well.

Then we get to somewhere around halfway or a little more through the book. And things happen that lead to the story getting boring for me. As I said before, Max is what really MAKES this story for me, and in Destiny's Revenge this is no different. So when things happen that mess with my perfect Max-time, I am not very satisfied. I found myself wanting to skim more than read this part, until things were made at least somewhat nice again.

The dragging part DOES end, and from then on the book finished in a great way, and in Max's point of view no less. I positively loved being inside his head and seeing how he thought and the truth behind some . . . hurtful things that had happened. His reasoning is much more noble than I would have imagined and I love him for it.

Character rundown: Lauren. Lauren is the exact same in this book as she was in Meeting Destiny. I honestly don't think there was any change in her. She's still her strong, confident self, just a little more confused. But then she becomes less confused. So, really, not much change at all. And Max. In this book, Max actually tries to do something and help. In the first book, he was pretty much just there. He didn't do much except love Lauren and throw little hissy fits when she did something without telling him. But now he stands up for himself, which makes him so much more lovable! I seriously love Max. A wonderful man, him.

The ending. This ending was a million times better than Meeting Destiny's ending. Since there is a book following, there is an open ending, but not anything worth breaking things over. Plus, this ending makes a lot more sense to us as readers.

Overall, this book was okay, just as Meeting Destiny was. I enjoyed reading it and I'm glad I got to despite the bothersome qualities within the pages. The aspects of this book that I liked outweighed the ones I did not, I think. Now I can't wait to read the third book in this trilogy--though I can't rush to it just yet, sadly.

Thank y'all for reading my review and please come back again soon! Also, thank you to Nancy for sending me this book along with the first one! I am very grateful for that, for obvious reasons. :)

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