Friday, May 11, 2012

Time for me to Randomly Rant

All right, so I'm seriously going to do what the title of this post says - randomly rant. What about, you ask? Weeeeell, last week in school, I was in class with this girl - I'm not going to tell her name because it is not important to my main point. I sit next to her in one of my classes and, to be perfectly honest, she is not always the nicest to me. I mean, she's okay a lot of the time, but there are certain instances where she does hurt my feelings or make me mad. I don't really do anything about this, though, becasue I'm not a hostile person. Arguments just don't fly with me most of the time.

For the record, I am very good at arguing, I just don't like the angry part. Anger unsettles me.

Anyways, we were in class and we had to answer some questions and then go over our answers with groups. This girl was in my group. Now, here's where I start to get to the point - she looked at one of my answers and CHANGED WHAT I WROTE.

Yeah, I said it. CHANGED WHAT I WROTE. This was a class with computers, so she grabbed my keyboard and backspaced some things away and typed in what she thought was better. She told me that the way I had originally began the sentences was, and I quote, "not professional enough." Urm, what? We are in a high school class with a teacher who knows me and knows how I write and has not expressed any problems with this at all throughout the schoolyear.

Now, I don't remember exactly what I wrote, but I know that the sentence started with the word "Honestly. . ." I don't see the problem with that. Plus, I write how I write. Everyone writes things differently. It was a complete sentence, gramatically correct without a doubt (I am somewhat of a grammar fanatic, always correcting myself when I notice I mess up in conversation, and sometimes correcting people I know well because I'm weird like that), so no one has a right to tell me what I wrote was not correct.

In case you hadn't noticed, I tend to write how I talk. If we were talking in person and I was talling you this story, I would have actually said "urm" where I wrote it. I would have probably used hand gestures and spoke a little louder as I said "CHANGED WHAT I WROTE." That's just how I am. I like to use my words to express who I am - in ALL situations. On my blog and in school, too.

So, what is my point in this whole post? Well, I'm thinking that it's somewhere along the lines of DON'T TELL ME HOW TO WRITE. Or maybe the slightly tweaked DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO WRITE. I think both would suffice. I am me and I write the way I choose to. Just like you are you and write the way you choose to. We all have this right and no one should be able to correct us when we are using our voices. Now, there is a difference between what I'm talking about and critiquing or editing, obviously. Editing and critiquing are used to shape up soemthing you write into something more polished but is still yours. What I am talking about is where someone transforms what you have to say into something that really isn't you.

Something that isn't you? Where did that fall in my little story? Well, the girl changed what I wrote to something  boring and generic. Something "professional" enough for her standards. But, you see, I am not boring. Especially when I write something I mean. So changing my "Honestly. . ." to something completely bland took away from my own individual voice. That little SOMETHING that makes what I write . . . mine.

So two milliseconds after her hand was away from my keyboard, I hit the undo button a bunch of times until the sentence was mine again.

Yeah, that was a true story. I'd like to hear what y'all have to say about what I just told you. If you'd like to share your opinion, please, feel free to comment and tell me.

Thank you for reading my rant and visiting my blog! I hope I amused you even a little bit.

Until next post, Friends! (By the way, my next post should be a review of Under The Never Sky, in case you didn't notice the sidebar!)



  1. See everything you just said of this post? I would of told her that to her face ...I'm not a violent person. Not at all, actually but I am very passionate and straight-forward when to comes to anything and everything. I also correct people when it comes to grammar (annoy my friends too xD)but I'm glad you did what you did. Very mature of you too .. definitely WAY different on how I would handled the situation.

    P.S. Paragraph 7 misspelled something. :)

    1. I DID?!?! Hmm... ah, it happens. Especially when I'm typing fast. I COULD go back and fix it, but I choose to stand by my mistake instead. (And by that I mean I'm too lazy.) And thank you for calling me mature! You know, I try. Sometimes. When it's convenient. And I didn't say all this to her face because there are some battles that just don't need to happen. Hosility with no-name would have dampened the rest of the year in that class, and I'd rather avoid that. Hehe, we both annoy our friends with grammar.



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