Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun or None?--Top Tuesday

Fun or None?
For the third day on this little Fun Hop, we're doing Top Tuesday! This is where we will all pick our own topics to choose our top five of. So, what am I doing my Top five of?
♥Top Five Male Characters♥
Yeah. I said it. because I'm me, and clearly obsessed with the guys within books, I decided to do my top five on what I know. Like that saying, "Write what you know." For the record, this Top Five is only my Top Five AT THE MOMENT. This is always subject to change and stuff as time goes on and my mind shifts and changes and explodes with new/different awesomeness.
So, let's see my Top Five, yes?
5. Conrad Fisher♥
Yeah, one of the Fisher boys from The Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han. If you've read these books, you know that it is impossible not to fall in love within the pages. Some of you are probably screaming at me right now about how Jere is better and sweeter and HOW COULD I PICK CONRAD OVER HIM?!?!! And the answer is simple: I go with my gut. I've always felt for Jere, by Conrad was always my #1 in this trilogy. Which means he makes this list.
4. Dimitri Belikov♥
Oh, Dimitri. Vampire Academy was a truly amazing series. So smazing, actually, that I haven't even read Bloodlines yet. I'm too afriad to disrupt the fragile peace I have made with the fact that VA was over. I will read it someday, but for now . . . well, for now I have Dimitri.
And now y'all are wondering why I didn't pick Adrian. I loved Adrian, I really did, but Dimitri won at the end of that series for me.
3. Peeta Mellark♥
Um, does this one really need an explanation? IT"S PEETA FLIPPING MELLARK! 'Nuff said, right there. And as for why I didn't choose Gale--I didn't like Gale. A good friend, but that's it. I was never on his team, and I never considered joining his team. I was all Peeta, all the way. Because Peeta is AMAZING.
2. Christophe Reynard♥
If you have no clue who Christophe is, then I am seriosuly crying for you right now. You MUST--must must must--get your hands on the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow and read until you reach the end. Because these books are seriously that awesome. And dear ole CHRISTOPHE (OH, CHRISTOPHE) is my snapping boooooy in these books. And in all books, clearly. Once we met him, I really began to get into this series. He just makes everything better! He whispers comfoting words I don't understand and keeps his promises and gets things done. Of all the characters in this series, I miss him the most. (Yeah, even more than Dibs or Shanks--surprising, but true.)
And why not Graves? Same answer as "why not Gale?" Because I've always loved Chris more. Plus, Graves bothered me a bit. So dependent and whiny. Don't get me wrong, he had some wonderful traits, but compared to Christophe, well, he faded.
All right. Now it's time for number one, and I'm pretty sure we can all guess who it's going to be . . .
1. Daemon Black♥
Yep, we all saw it coming. Now this one REALLY doesn't need an explanation. I must say, though, that all of my Daemon-love comes soley from following the 30 Days of Damon Tour:
There is a lot of Daemon swoon-ish-ness going on in this tour, and I positively CANNOT wait to read Obsidian! It really must be something if this guy made such a huge impression on me BEFORE I EVEN READ THE BOOK. Yeah. True story.
So, that, my friends, is my Top Five list. I wonder what the other blogs in this Fun Hop are listing . . .
YOU should totally keep on hopping along and find out!
Thank y'all for dropping by! Be sure to stop here again tomorrow for another Fun or None? post!
Until then, stay safe, Friends!

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