Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday! (1)

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we tell y'all about the books we cannot wait to get our hands on!

All right. Since this is my first Waiting On Wednesday, I thought I'd pick a super special book to feature.

Send Me a Sign by Tiffany Schmidt!

Send Me a SignMia’s used to being the perfect teenager: pretty, popular, smart, caring. But that was before she was diagnosed with leukemia. Now, her father has become Captain Cancer Facts and her mother is obsessed with maintaining Mia’s image. Her maybe-more-than-a-friend, Gyver, is judging her decision not to tell the other cheerleaders that she’s sick. Her life’s about to change and she’s terrified by the loss of control.

Mia’s always been superstitious, but as her body starts to feel like it belongs less to her and more to the doctors and their needles, she becomes irrationally dependent on horoscopes, fortune cookies, and good luck charms. As chemotherapy replaces cheerleading and platelets replace parties, Mia just wants normal back. But despite searching for clues in everything from songs on the radio to her Magic 8 Ball, her future is coming up Outlook not so good.

(Description from Goodreads)

So, why is this book super special? Well, first of all, because the author is SUPER nice. I always love telling y'all about great books by friendly authors. Another reason this book is special: urm . . . HAVE YOU SEEN THE DESCIPTION? This book looks like it's going to make me laugh and cry and love it the whole time. I don't know about you, but I adore books like that. Though I DO need to read them in private . . .

Send Me a Sign comes out October 2nd, and I am seriously counting down the days. It is most definitely going on my Christmas list if I can't get it between its release date and then. AH! I can't wait for this book!

So, what are you guys waiting on? Leave links if you'd like, I always like to keep my eyes open for new great things.

Thank y'all for stopping by! Until next post, Friends!



  1. This book looks great! I definitely always forget to read "in private" when Im reading a funny book so I end up laughing in the middle of Starbucks :/ yah embarrassing! Great Pick for your first WOW!

    Tess @ My Pathway to Books

  2. I've read SEND ME A SIGN (I'm lucky enough to be one of Tiffany's CPs), and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It's fantastic!

  3. Sounds like a really good book! I'll need to add this to my TBR list.


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